chapter 18 !!!

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Chapter 18 

It probably wouldn't surprise you if i told you, but, we got trapped again, and this time, there's a twist, WE ARE IN REAL LIFE CAGES! I was still trying to snap one of the bars, but so far i hadn't even made a dent, and Demetri, uh, i don't know where he is, i like the fact that the cage is purple, but, also because its got gaps big enough between the bars so that you can hang upside down like on a climbing frame ! That's how i've amused myself for the last few days.

although ,e trying this isn't such a smart idea, because when the door frightfully slammed open . . . i fell." could i at least have some form of warning! " i grumbled, finding my feet and my eyes widened at who actually had arrived. . . the last person i expected, well , actually...

" JAZZY! " he cheered jumping over to the cage door, and unlocking the cage, while i was stuck with my jaw hung open and looking like a complete fool. Okay he did not do that by himself ! " we have to get Demmy now " he smiled, dragging me along, while my mind hadn't even processed the last few moments anyway, when you think you know someone . . .

The halls where the same, and pretty much deserted, when i noticed Jasper had a blade that looked like one id made earlier, of he's another - oh my gosh, gun shots, and that's when we ran straight into Brad, both of us being knocked backwards. well, until Jasper leaps on him , and in a few moments, i was frozen and Jasper had my hand again. Well, i feel useless .

" j-jasper? "

" yep Jazzy "

" heh, heh. as you can tell, I'm kinda confused ... so, WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON"

" Well the guards were using me and demmy fakes to trick you, that's what they said, i found out where you were and Demetri by listening to the guards when we went for walks"

okay so hes conversing with the enemy, wait he knows about the fakes, so does that make him the real one or the fake one? I'm so confused, and slightly proud of my little neko, if hes mine anyway...

" so . . . where's Demetri? "

" down the hall." he shrugged tugging my arm don't, so i was in a crouching run, and it was uncomfortable and quite difficult even with my cat like balance i was struggling, and Jasper kept going making it twice as difficult, since i was slowly running out of breath, its just that sleeping and dangling from a metal cage wasn't really much help.

" hey Jasper, where did you get that knife."

" i found it in my cage, its pretty. and helpful "

" you didn't make it? and anyway, how do you know what your dong ?"

" i have a plan, because i was here longer than you, I'm not stupid Jazzy " he tsked, rolling his bright eyes, still smiling through the madness of it all. Okay Jasper is a crazy person, but also was beforehand, now there's a possibility of him either finding that knife in his cage, or he made it. Which cant be good, in my perspective anyway, but he was smart enough to find me, i just cant decide who's who anymore. I don't want to kill anyone though! except Demetri, hes starting to get on my nerves .

" are you even my Jasper ?" i shouldn't have questioned, but I'm not gonna get anywhere with shutting up.

" yeah, and if i wasn't, should you complain"

" how the hell did you get all of your vocabulary ? Your learning way to quickly "

" the guards here are very posh actually."

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