Chapter 4 (P2)

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Can A Demon Die? 


Chapter 4 ~  

Abrupt pulls, back and forth. . .

Am I drunk ? 

Focusing in and out. . .

Pain and heat, flaring burns. . .

Numbness, clouded thoughts, what the hell . . .?

Craning my neck, stiff, aching, like my body. 

The light burning my eyes, stay closed, stay dark. Stay hidden.

" hey . . . Okay? . . . . You . . . Up . . ."

What's that? Up? Where, there's no up, just dark. Hide, away . . . Nonsense.

" Hey! . . " Light? Why's it so bright? Everything's out of focus. Someone's there. " . . . everything, OK-"

Trying to see, to reach. To, who? The lights too bright, it's painful.

My body went into kick start, rolling me over, a hard surface sticking to me. " Cat thing!" 

I pushed away the shaking force, it only made the dizziness stir and blur everything. Calm, I need it. 

" Don't push me!" tumbling sideways, reflexes making myself move to stop moving. Rubbing my sore, tearful eyes, the focused on her. The girl who I'd gotten frustrated with sometime ago. Staring at me, through glassy eyes. 

Too weak to push myself onto my side, I relaxed again, feeling the gravel of the floor dig into m back. Unpleasantly biting into me. " What are you doing?"

" Hurting " Slurred words passed my lips, a groan chasing after it. Tears threatened their way to me, and my head banged against the ground and in rhythm with my fast pounding heart. 

A gentle hold lifted me to sit, I tried to act stubborn, I didn't like help unless I needed it. I shuffled awkwardly, almost being dropped until she slapped me. " Stop it! " 

I managed to rest against her and purr, without an idea why, I mewed. Twisting again and hearing her sigh. " and you were treating me like I was immature that time ago. Stupid cat."

Trust me, I was not doing this on purpose, my body was weak, my head was spinning, my thoughts were just starting to form. Taking deep breaths, I tried to adjust my eyes to the cold grey winter skies. Which were sunny, boiling hot, and extremely bright. My brain searched for information, how long was I gone? It was, winter before.

Keeping on adjusting, I managed to support myself into an upright position, shielding my eyes from the sun. Looking over the world, it was the street where I was before, although, it seemed dead. Just empty.

I was nudged and turned to see the little girl I had spoken too recently. She wasn't that little anymore. She'd aged a lot in. . . How long was I gone? I rubbed my head, feeling a wet spot around the back. Seeing blood on my hand after touching I scowled and tried to stand up. 

Alight hendedness flew over me and knocked me sideways, making me glad that I was beside the girl from that time ago. " What, what's the date? " 

" It's august. It's also been a long time since you've been around here you know?"

" Gathered that. I think I just lost a few years of my life."

 " Your not making sense. Hit your head that hard huh?"

" I don't know what happened. . . The last time I same you was . . . "

" Six years ago. I was ten when you decided to approach me with you, 'police' act. I was small, but not stupid."

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