Chapter 22

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Chapter 22

I looked up that little bit from my phone, and saw Demetri, glaring again. I realised that i'd locked them - Stevie and Dan - upstairs for two hours. . . Is that good or bad? I should let them out. I'm scared of what i'll find though. . .

Oh my gosh! I only just remembered ! There's supposed to be two of him! This was stupid, but, if they disappeared and and then like. . . Okay, again i'm mixed up.

" where's the other two!?" 

" upstairs... you locked the-"

" no. There was two of you Demetri ! And and, now two have gone. How do i know who's who now?!"

" ask Steven or something? "

I scowled, i'm not letting anyone out that room. . . " they are probably busy ."

" arguements don't take that long, someones probably dead already "

" it's not that. . . but, you might not be the right Demetri,"

" Is that why you've been ignoring me" he scowled, and i couldn't help but smile to myself.

" subconsciously of course " 

" that's still unfair Jasmin "

" no it's not. I've realised that i shouldn't do things like that."

" okay, ask him now because i'm getting really impatient !"

I breathed heavily, jumping to my feet and walking to the locked room. Slamming my fists on the door three times and kicking it for good measures, i fiddled with the lock which had gone stupidly awkward to open, i tried again with the twisty thing and glared what the? 

i pulled it again, smiling as it clicked and walked in casually whistling. . . then i started choking. Okay i have nothing against gays but it's not fun walking in on something so awkward. " I WILL DEFINITELY COME BACK LATER!" and yet again I ran out, although thought it fair to leave the door unlocked . . . My feet wern't stopping they walked straight outside and I wasn't sure but seeing that kinda made me feel really really awkward for a second. . . Or am i just being homophobic? Because that's certainly unlike me. No-one would enjoy walking in on anyone playing tonsil tenis though


Once i had calmed I found my way home and bolted straight to my room, and then bumped into another scary sight, well less scary, Demetri. I honestly hadn't really thought about the fact that leaving for hours would frustrate him. He raised his eyebrows, getting his lazy but off my bed and walking over. Grabbing me at my attempt of bolting away, he whispered close to me, " stop running away from me." 

" i'm still unsure whether your real or not demmy " I whispered, shuffling in the hold he had me trapped between, I sighed, I honestly don't care anymore, I just wanted a Demetri, and I was so stupid to realise this before but, maybe i shouldn't care. Because i can feel the sparks that leave me breathless, i can feel my own heart beat increase, and yes i was slowly siding with the fact that I was missing him. Because, well, love kinda does that to you, how long has it been ? Two weeks or something crazy like that? Weird how quickly things work out? It all just flies by and I want my Demetri! Then it struck me, literally, I was knocked over by Jasper and landed on Dem.


" JASPER! SHUSH!" i almost erased my scared little brains fears for a moment then!


"  jasper i said shh !" 

He frowned, and looked over my shoulder from where I was sandwiched between the two of them. " are they really-" 

" yes i told you and only you and i also said to not say anything!"

" but Reece gave me a cookie . . . " he pouted.

" You sold me out for a cookie Jasper! I found his stash and went half's with you remember! "

" i got you a pretty dress " he looked up at me and okay, i couldn't help it, i pulled him into my arms, what did i truly expect anyway? Reece would be a douche bag somehow and mess Jasper up.

I sighed, glaring at the floor. " okay, wheres Reece ? "

" can i ask whats going on?" Reece smiled in a sense that showed he wasn't in a good mood. Hm, speak of the devil and he shall appear ?

" I need to talk to you!" 

" oh, great,  what do you want?

" What did Jasper tell you?!"

" about those two no biggy Jazz" 

" SINCE NO-BODY'S TELLING ME ANYTHING! I'M GONE!" that got rid of Demetri. . .and my moment! 

" should we just tell him?"

" nah, he looks like a homophobic" 

" how can you tell just by looking at someone?"

He shrugged casually leaving with Jasper, until another person came through the door, with wide eyes and seemingly red in the face." You could've told me they were gay so i didn't have to walk in on it!" 

Me and Reece exchanged a look, then looked back at the now very blushing assassin. Well, i burst out laughing anyway. I couldn't really think of a more straight way to put it. Funnily enough, when Dan ran past us it only made everyone laugh, so freaking weird, he seemed like such a freaky flirt at first, when really, he was only hiding this, awww, i still think that gays are awesome. . . That means Reece isn't gay neither. Darn .

Summary of the day, we laugh at awkward things and when Two awkward things happen, you laugh even more, another thing i don't want to talk about, mates and stuff. Well mainly the fact that the person i need to speak to has a bubble of awkward around them, and without them i can't exactly have my mate yet. . . Which officially sucks!!!! 

Now, i should get it over with now and then I can hide behind my protector and everything would be fine. 

But every-time something goes right for us it's always a bad thing that follows.

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