chapter 27

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Chapter 27 

So after having a huge panic attack when Demetri eventually dragged me back to the house, I went straight to Jasper like I said I would and started randomly blabbing to him about the complete frustrating problem I'd been dealt with.

Normally I'm not stupid enough to do something like this, but I was never one to think about my actions or merely consider them, I'm still new to this world. Like I would know what to do about it. Jasper decided that he would listen to carefully, ruining the whole secrecy I wanted to keep about it.

Jasper suggested that I go to Disneyland and buzz light year would help take me to infinity and beyond, not helpful, but Disneyland will be, a last resort. Maybe if I talk to someone more mature, so that crosses out Reece, Jasper, and Demetri. . . And Risk. So, Dan, Steven or well. . . I could go to my brother, that actually seems quite reasonable.

For the moment though, I am going to eat my sandwich, filled with chicken and mayo and yeah. . . It's nice. I'm currently at my fifth day of deciding, so, there's tomorrow, the plan deciding day, and the last. If it comes to it, something bad will happen. Or I'll just run away then.


Sasha, I could talk to her, just to see how he'd react, and then I'll base my decision on that, where is she? And Jack too, I still wanna know why him and Demetri don't get along. Kinda late now, what do I do?

I grabbed my pillow off the bed, kicking and screaming into it, why is everything becoming more complicated? I've tried acting normal despite the huge problem, and the first to notice was Steven, who told Dan . . . Who just walked through my door for the millionth time this week.

" Jasper just told me, don't even deny it. Because I want to know what your going to do " Walking into the room and closing the door he seated himself beside me. Tugging an arm around my shoulder. " I knew you were acting bothered about something. So, what are you going to do?"

" I don't know. I was going to leave. Wait what did Jasper say?"

" that an evil guy was going to kill Demmy if you didn't do something. I would like a more detailed answer "

I explained fully what happened, not leaving anything. He was silent afterwards. " well if you tell him he'll act like an idiot and just try to face whatever your dad's gonna do. Yet he wont stop looking for you. He wont and you know it, you haven't mated yet so it'll be even more difficult to find you "

" w-what? Your not, like mad at me? "

" I had to do the same with Steven at one point. So, it's more or less another reply of what happened, your not the only one he had a word with. " he sighed, looking down at me.

" he came to you too ?"

" yep, so I'm going too, if you want to come, you can. . . I told Reece and he was going to tell you lot for me. "

I jumped up, smiling, so I can help Demetri! Thank god! I could just go with Dan and then Demetri wont get hurt, neither will I and, and, I do not want want to get anyone killed. It's weird. But could I actually do that? For now, I'll just pretend I can.

" I'll come! I mean, when? and where? "

" I don't really think it matters, I don't want anyone hurt "

" you mean Stevie?" I pouted, wanting to lighten the mood with a bit of teasing, he scowled shoving me to the side. Okay, so it didn't work, he just used the idea back.

" Well, your one to talk, your the one screaming at a pillow, that's unhelpful."

" I don't want to leave though,"

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