chapter 30 (( CHAPTER OF THE CHICKEN!))

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Chapter 30

I woke up unpleasantly.

A loud obnoxious noise was ringing on the bed side table, scratching at my tired little brain that wanted to go back to sleep. My eyes wearily opened, closing to yawn and then I remembered why I actually put the alarm there in the first place.

I tried sitting up and fell back down, or was forced back down, " ignore it " Demetri grumbled, turning me around to face him and constricting me in his hold.

" Do you even remember why I put it there ?" He opened one of his eyes, a faint pale green as a new emotion transmitted across from it. Growing slowly more awake I got annoyed and having to climb over Demetri, grasped the alarm in a tight fist, throwing it against the wall.

It still didn't shut up, groaning in despair at the beeping piece of crap, I fell back down on top of the the other annoying thing in the room. " That. IS EXTREMELY ANNOYING!" I pounced over, snapping the clock in half until it stopped, feeling a pair of arms pick me up and spin me around in a circle.

" calm down," he pulled my dressing gown around me, I had forgotten I was still under dressed from last night.

I turned around seeing he was already clothed, and ran away to my wardrobe to do the same. I pulled on a pair of denim skinny jeans and a hoody. Running back over and jumping into Demetri's arms attaching myself to him just in case something did happen at this second.

I jumped slightly when a loud knock hit the front door, I could hear it from here, and immediatly Demetri walked out the room growling, turning around and kissing me. Not for long enough. " stay "

Of course. Of course I'll stay, because I listen to everyone. I ran out after surviving my frozen state, reaching the top of the stairs at the same point Demetri lunged out, taking Risk with him.

I charged after them, bursting out the door spotting their mini fight at the point where Demetri was thrown against a tree, by the demon in a strangely purple suit. I took a step over noticing that the guy I apparently have to call my father, was here. He quickly pulled a ruby coloured scythe from his sleeve quicker than I could comprehend, walking down towards the other two.

Watching the others constant fight, seeing that Demetri had his wings spread out above him, and his blades stabbing at Risk, reaching up at his eyes, penetrating one at the time I looked. The thought had me cringing yet. Stealing my tactics now are we?

My gaze went back over to the weapon holder and looked down at his shadow, which suddenly burst into the biggest chicken I'd ever seen, bigger than our house. I gasped, " what the hell did I just do?"

Demetri and risk separated and looked up at it just as it ran over to them, Risk kicked Demetri while he was distracted making him flying backwards into the brick exterior if the house, making a cracked dent.

I ran over to my father and tried to push him towards the chicken, which was now screeching and squawking, and. Staring at him, he was glaring back, an brushed me off so I landed next to Demetri in a pile of rubble and brick chunks.

I saw risks attack plan and pushed Demetri away, leaving him with his arm gone through the whole wall. Jammed and stuck. Demetri pulled me back until I pushed him away, angry with his overprotective attitude.

" if only you had left like you planned to, now the only other option is killing one of the two of you. Unless -". I watched shocked as the bird behind him stamped on him, waddling over to where us three were.

" can I ask why you picked a chicken?" Risk chuckled a couple metres away trying to release his arm.

" seems to be the one thing I can shape without fail "

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