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Our Mate by Nee_Chan_1
Our Mateby DaddyNee
Neko Twins x Androgynous!Male!Reader x Inu Sorry if you don't like bl, I truly am, but this is what I enjoy.~
  • lemons
  • neko
  • nekos
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Eren's Master and Levi's Pet (EreRi) by Natsa_
Eren's Master and Levi's Pet ( Natsa_
A fanfic made just for a friend of mine~ anyway...Eren is neko boy that is found by Levi on the street. Levi, even against his own judgment, takes Eren in. Read and find...
  • love
  • nekos
  • yaoi
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Drarry : Veela and Nekos by RoseRiddleSlytherin
Drarry : Veela and Nekosby Deep Serpent
In this book Draco Malfoy is the prince of the veela and Harry Potter is the prince of the nekos Drarry Dont like dont read
  • dracoxharry
  • nekos
  • draco
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Your my ocean (creepypasta x magic!neko!reader) by ladylullaby666
Your my ocean (creepypasta x ladylullaby666
Your Mom gave you a blue bracelet she told you to never take it off or someone will come find you. After your turn 18 your find out why
  • creepypasta
  • nekos
  • powers
My Neko Story - Septiplier by Glitterpartytime
My Neko Story - Septiplierby Glitterpartytime
Jack is a neko who has been living with a harsh owner for his whole life. One night he finally escapes the harsh owner's house and runs away. He lives on the streets...
  • love
  • septiplier
  • nekoseptiplier
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Guardians of the Sun and Moon by MoonlightMelody6185
Guardians of the Sun and Moonby MoonlightMelody6185
Summary: Across the time of Ancient Egypt, two twin sighters are forced to flee from their home along with the children, who have great abilities that others desire. T...
  • magic
  • atemxheba
  • yugioh
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(Dragon Love) Luna Loud x Female reader by YTFoxy101
(Dragon Love) Luna Loud x Female YTFoxy101
Your family is a family of werewolves, Dragons, and Nekos. But your the only dragon in the family and your part human. You soon met a rocker girl and wonder if you can t...
  • werewolves
  • drama
  • nekos
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To Tame A Beast (Naruto X Sasuke) by Ciel_and_Payten
To Tame A Beast (Naruto X Sasuke)by Ciel And Payten
A theif. That's what he was known as. But he didn't care. He only cared about one thing, and that's helping someone he cared for. However, someone changed it all for him.
  • sasuke
  • yaoi
  • nekos
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Vida de Nekos (JR) (JE) (JT) by krislanderos
Vida de Nekos (JR) (JE) (JT)by Kris Hellsing
Parece sencillo poder cuidar a un Neko,hasta que otros ponen sus ojos en ellos... Este fic se lo dedico a @CamilaVega25 quien me motivo a escribirlo
  • nowakixhiroki
  • mayaxmisaki
  • junjouromantica
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The Neko by Baku_Daddy
The Nekoby Kiri_Baby
Have fun reading! ;3 Not my art. I used some of the characters from free!
  • sexscenes
  • nekos
  • sexy
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Hetalia Angel(and other fantasy characters) America x world ones hots by strawberrynebula
Hetalia Angel(and other fantasy strawberrynebula
America an angel? How will the world react? What could possibly go wrong *I own nothing. !FLUFF, ANGST,DEPRESSION, AND POSSIBLY SELF HARM!!!! YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!!
  • fluff
  • mermaids
  • world
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Detailed Individual Roleplay by glittersoul-
Detailed Individual Roleplayby glittersoul-
This is only for people who can write properly and semi literately. Straight couples and Yuri couples only. I like a lot of boy x boy ships and I support them... but I a...
  • roleplaycharacters
  • demons
  • roleplay
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¤|°Ñ€KØ ACAÐEM¥°|¤ by Nerdycanible
¤|°Ñ€KØ ACAÐEM¥°|¤by Nerdycanible
Welcome to the world of nekos and humans. Humans and Nekos live together in harmony though there is one rule that is enforced everywhere. In order for a Neko to have a j...
  • love
  • pride
  • school
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Neko Neighbors (Slow Updates) by Lollipop_Usagi
Neko Neighbors (Slow Updates)by Usagi
Description is inside but here is a short summary. Eren and Levi are nekos. Armin and Erwin are neighbors. Armin is Eren's master/owner/friend. And Erwin is Levi's 'owne...
  • otp
  • mate
  • mpreg
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Artsy Farsty  by lylia9000
Artsy Farsty by 🔥I Don’t Want To🔥
It's my trashy ass Art junk yard!!!
  • sans
  • nekos
  • httyd
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Our Hearts Belong To You (Twin Neko Boys x reader) by _Funda_Panda_
Our Hearts Belong To You (Twin _Panda_heart_
Hey how it going! this is my first Neko x reader so I hope you like it here's something about the storie. You were on your way from school when you saw a box that said...
  • nekos
  • xreader
My Wonderful Ball Of Fluff ( Neko female × male reader ) by MyAnimason
My Wonderful Ball Of Fluff ( MyAnimason
After a hard day of work, you're walking down the street, you see the cutest little thing with a set of ears. Take A peek at my fanfiction story of a forbidden love betw...
  • nekoxreader
  • nya
  • itried
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Loyally Yours {Neko Levi x Reader} by Luna_Yakamoto
Loyally Yours {Neko Levi x Reader}by Luna_Yakamoto
After a small incident, this unknown man became... attached to you. He became loyal to you, wanting to stay closer and closer, yet stubborn to admit it. Soon, this man t...
  • shigekinokyojin
  • snkau
  • snkfanfiction
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neko eren x neko levi by Foxspirit1254
neko eren x neko leviby Foxspirit1254
Hanji was messing around making potions to make people neko she was successful but the potion was to last for 3 days. And make them well.... ~hungry~. read on to find ou...
  • potions
  • lemon
  • nekos
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You're a What? (Third book to Kitty Love) by HaleighBoyer
You're a What? (Third book to Haleigh Boyer
If you haven't read Kitty love or the sequeal Approved or Denied then read those books first. This is a BxB story if you do not like them then please do not read.
  • bxb
  • kittylove
  • love
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