Chapter 3

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Chapter 3

After about four weeks... I'm now adopted by these two morons... Even though that makes them seem gay almost, I wouldn't really be surprised. I had my stuff over now, and was all set for these two annoyances, I had everything to keep them away. MWA HA HA ! wait, if they go through my stuff... Meep.  

Okay okay, so I like to party ! No I don't sneak in to clubs like most, I go to my friends parties, I'm not that much of a do gooder, I have outfits that show a bit of flesh I suppose... I'm just a party person. but I really don't think Reece would mind traipsing through my stuff. I already found him snooping in here once. But this whole stage was long and complicated, but it's over and I've only got about three boxes and a couple suitcases to unpack. So i'm gonna lye on my fluffy soft and snugly blue rug.  

I found out it doesn't hurt when you face plant it also, so , try to land on it if doing so!  

I grinned at the ceiling, what the hell have those two done, if they knew me quite so well, they'll know I have a complete mountain dew addiction... I have half a suitcase filled with the stuff, I LOVE IT!  

I only had a bottle five minutes ago... But it was only to help tidy up and crap, pshht like heck I'm doing that now, I'm gonna go hunt . I slowly crawled down the stair case, finding Reece on the sofa... I've actually been keeping tally of who can pin or just surprise attack the others most... I'M WINNING COZ I RULEZ!  

Bad grammar I know, I apologise for the insufficiency of the British language... But I'm from Essex, what the hell do you expect!  

I peeped my head around the corner, perfect, his back is facing me, thank you sofa, I padded slowly across the soft cream carpet, noticing that the music channel was one, dang it! I love this song, okay, just uh, pounce. 

I shot forwards, pinning him face down on the carpet, until another force knocked me sideways, and then there was Dan. " get off that's a foul point!" 

" nope you hadn't tagged your pin" 

" exactly you interrupted my winning! That's a foul point! " 

" at least you didn't get face planted into the floor" Reece groaned.

" oh, but if I remember rightly, you said that face planted pins, are allowed to be interrupted." 

my brain reeled for the answer ... He was right ." oh ". 

" oh yes, I get another point" 

I brought my leg up, hitting his delicate point and flipped it over." PIN! That counts because you also didn't say pin mr.Iknowalltherulesbutimgonnaignorethem." 

" so what, " 

" my point " 

" showoff!" 

" nope I'm The expert, your the amateurs, remember that" I smirked heading back to my room. 

Well add one to the tally. TADA! Hey ! I have twice as many as the others. Losers, I'm way to good at that game.

Eventually I'd shoved... Placed all the clothes in my nice wooden wardrobe, it was pretty big but... I have a lot of clothes anyway, I like shifting and most clothes get destroyed... Shame... 

Anyway..... Now to unpack the boxes, so much fun, hey my PS3, wait is this my prized possession or not... Meh... I like working actually... They pay you and then I can buy my gadgets... I worked in a cafe when I was fourteen... For two years... Until I moved to here... I need a knew job or I can't get my gadgets! Or food , now that would suck... WHAT ABOUT THE MOUNTAIN DEW!  

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