Chapter 16

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Chapter 16

The few days of peace we had I knew wouldn't have lasted long, but when Steven returned, guess who he brought! His twin ! but that's in a minute and unfortunately for them, I had just drunk two bottles of mountain dew and had my face in the cookie jar only a few moments ago, that's when they busted the kitchen door in. I threw the jar at them ad it smashed on .... Uh. Who's who?  

Right Steven equals red hair, Brad equals black... Oe should do. . .

I grabbed a chair, seeing the glow in their eyes as the casually just walked in, and I was pretty pissed that the others hadn't noticed, oh that's right, Reece and Dan had 'suggested' that Demetri had a break from being my guard dog for 24 hours a day... Which I stupidly agreed with, BUT I WANT HIM BACK NOW!  

This is why those two shouldn't have left me alone in the house, crap Jaspers here !  

I ran from the kitchen, as my collar was grabbed dragging me back again, I threw the chair I still had behind me, only hearing a snap, from where it was snatched away.  

" I thought this could be an interesting reunion, unfortunately no-ones here to remember it... Well, we're leaving anyway..."  

" can I ask a random question?" 

" what, why?" 

" I don't know who's who..." maybe I can get something to work, I mean, siblings argue all the time normally, well, with my 'siblings' we fought all the time... I guess I know how to provoke an arguement, so why ever not?

" you don't have to" 

" but it'll be annoying for everyone, you could make it noticeable, wait let me put letters on your face!" I smiled, or well, I could convince one to punch the other. 

" no " 

" then ... How can I tell? You, " I grumbled pointing to the one not holding me " tell me your name and then give him a black eye" he actually grinned with me.  

" brad," and his punch took us both by surprise, and he let go, so... I automatically ran, obviously they have an unsorted argument, and I don't want to be caught in something at the moment, I held the door shut as Jasper sleepily walked down the stairs.

" Jazzy, stop being noisy," 

" get your shoes and coat on quickly, and get me mine." 

" it's bedtime, i want to sleep " 


And he listened. As soon as he was standing outside I ran over locking the door for the extra seconds I had for running, even if I know that they can knock it down with a kick. I ignored my shoes and took my coat from Jasper, and picked him up. 

" jazzy, " 

" uh, yes" I frowned slowly going into a jog, " wait, where did they say they went" I look up it was dark, and god damn freezing, my feet were already numb. 

" they said ... I don't know, I think they said a ... Jazzy I can't remember. " his eyes went all watery.  

" it's fine, dont cry, just uh, okay, you remember our talk about Steven." 

" yes" 

" he's come back, okay, but it's okay," wait, shit, it's night, they can use their wings without notice, but I can shift.  

I jumped into the first alley I could find, " your gonna ride on my back." 

I took off my coat, at least it's knee length I suppose, I shifted, ripping the pajamas I had on before, jasper jumped on my back quickly, and was thankfully holding my coat, I ran down the street, trying to find even a small trace of scent I could use. It was when I was on the outskirts of the town that I could. The town, I would be seen, not good, but so would they, it's too bright, and ... I changed my fur colour, making it black, and slowing into the shadows. Noticing, that the scents I was looking for were from the pub, oh god, if they're drunk, I'll personally let those two take them, no joke!  

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