Chapter 4

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Chapter 4 

I threw all my stuff in my room, grabbing the toys and food bowls I had for jasper, plus a little dark blue collar, with a little bell, because I had no tag yet... I should get him micro-chipped, he seems like trouble.  

I rushed back down, and saw Dan holding him, I smirked, since he was talking to it like a baby and when I came down the stairs Reece was at my side. Well who would crack up laughing. 

" hey, shut up, Jasper just reminds me of my cat as all. just mine lost one of it's socks. " 

" naww, but Jasper's still Cute! Not like you" I snatched him away, holding him while I put the collar around his neck, scratching it a bit also.  

I smiled. Pulling out a laser pointer and crouching on the floor, showing Jasper the tiny red devil, well he chased it at least. I soon drew it towards Reece and made him climb up him onto his shoulders. He was having a spazz attack though. 

" get him off!" 

" I thought cats weren't vicious? " 

" they are okay, especially since you have that and he has claws "  

" and I could also blind you" 

" don't even go there, you can't blind me with that" 

" what about a cat?" 

" duh no, just please, cats are creepy" 

" excuse me? What's wrong with us then ?" 

" oh, uh, nothing, just, cat, off, now, please. " 

" your a boring scaredy cat" I grumbled taking Jasper into the living room and sitting dwindling on the sofa, where he curled up on my lap. " Naww, cute little Jasp." I muttered listening to his little purrs, which was cute. I'll feed him later, he'll be hungry when he gets up. I sighed curling up into the pillows, walking makes me tired, so does being comfy... 

" hey, Reece is after your mountain dew." I heard someone whisper. I flickered my vision back on and came face to face with Dan,  

" watch Jasper while I break his neck." 

" sure "

Five minutes later...

I'd only just got jasper back when Reece came back in, his neck was rolling around as was his head. " you seriously did break his neck. " 

" I don't lie about mountain dew and he was going at one of them. He's buying ten more or I'm snapping that neck nine more times ..." 

" I can only see the ceiling !" 

" tough luck. Use that magic spit that Dan has" 

" Dan has it I don't " 

" then get Dan to lick you" 

" I'm not licking him!" 

" you licked me!" 

" yeah so" 

" Oh god, too much information guys, I'm glad I can't see you..." 

" shut up, he licked my arm," 

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