Chapter 8

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Chapter 8 

Jasper's P.O.V

Something is not right.  

Jazzy isn't talking to us, what did I do? I didn't mean to get food on the floor, honest.  

I keep sitting outside here, thinking if I should go inside or not, no-one else does, and she won't let anyone in when they knock. I hope she will let me in soon, because she's not normally all alone and not speaking. 

I try to listen in on the room, and never hear anything, just a random squeak or click, or silence... The most popular choice. 

I shuffled down the stairs, sliding my socks across the wooden floors, and poking my head into the kitchen. Hmmm?  


I can get me some food!  

Fridge, locked up?  

What, why's it closed away? I need food now! It's lunch time!  

" reeeceee " I complained, wandering into the living room, gripping onto his shin. 

" what now?"  

" the fridge isn't opening, and Jazzy can't make my lunch, and you two suck at it!" 

" urgh, there's hardly any food in there anyway." he groaned, stretching out on the sofa. 

" just wait in the kitchen " Dan mumbled, placing his games controller onto the seat and then I dashed back again.  

Staring not at the fridge, but Demmy wasn't looking too happy neither, is everyone grumpy? Or is there just a stupid faze, going on, whatever it is, it's not helping keep my stomach filled up! 

Except Demmy looked strange with a beard, and looked half asleep anyway. I tugged at his jeans, I'm bored of being ignored, I want to know why people are being ignorant ( I learnt that word from the television). 

His unusual green eyes, seemed duller than usual, and threatenig at the same time, and his face was all puffy and red,  

" s'up demmy ?" 

" I'm tired " his grumble, wasn't the answer I wanted. 

" why are you sad?" 

" I'm, not. I'm ...Ellogofusciouhipoppokunurious , okay?" 

I could only blink.  

" what? "  

" it doesn't matter " 

" yes it does "  

Then he walked out. Just as Dan walked in . . . Again, no-ones seeming too be open about anything, and with that I felt the need to chase butterfly's.  

Unknown P.O.V

The plan was set, the day was closing down, and my Patience was boiling. Up to a maximum, I was sure that my plan was going to work. The only problem was the likely hood that it would become noticeable around the house. Since it's too late, I just have to hope they return, which won't be a problem. 

Everything needs to work and stay quick and fast, all swift and at once, according to plan, this kidnap must work and musn't be a failure like last time. Which the ones in charge of the attack, they were lucky to be killed in the process, their fate would have been worse if they had survived. Even Steven had let me down. I thought I could at least trust him to get that blasted Neko. She is becoming quite troublesome, which is why I need her dead. Or at least in my custody. 

We can't lose another one of the shadows, and since it's too late to actually take her onto our side, it must be forced. Or she must be terminated completely  

I reached out onto my desk, selecting my sharpest and deadliest dagger, and then again, we could always wipe her memory. Which seems most simple to me, and that way, we only have to wait another century, and that won't be too long.  

A knock sounded across the room, and my oak door creaked open on the bolts, which struggle enough the hold the door up let alone open. As a pleasant surprise, Angelica, my most trusted worker came in, grinning in the usual way which always told me good news. 

" angelica? we've had sucess? " 

" yes, most likely. And we found us our missing traitor too, although starting a big ruckus all at once wasn't the plan, we'll go back later, only on your command" she smiled, using her light western accent, and bowing lightly. So we have Demetri too? Ah, perfect, I nodded back, as she pulled her red hood down, blond ringlets flowing down her back and across her chest. I suppose I'm lucky to have such a wonderful daughter, always finding a way to kill someone, which seems to be her only hobby, not too worrying, she can take Demetri's spot as an assassin, since he's soon to be terminated too.  

Well, I'll deal With our new puppet sha'll I ?  

I twisted the dagger between my fingers, the cold gold metal, whistling through the tips, just like a silly little baton. I chuckled, how can you compare such a deadly thing as this too something as prissy as that?  

But I've got a neko to interrogate. 

" daddy? " 

" yep, darlin' " 

" can I get dibs on killing 'em" 

" yeah sure." 

" thanks daddy "  

At least she'd get the job done.  


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