Chapter 5

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Chapter 5

I was halfway through getting changed when the door was knocked on. 

" who is it?" 

" uh... Your cat had a malfunction... Uh, hurry up! And I mean that !" 

" what did you do to Jasper?!" I yelled. Pulling up my jeans and tugging over my DKNY long sleeves tee and put on my black beanie hat. I burst out the door... Gawping at my sight, " oh. My . God ." I muttered... " that is not Jasper." 

" I'm afraid it is"  

My eyes almost popped out I swear, there was a little child, sat down. With blue hair and the same yellow green eyes as Jasper had... Both with a black pair of ears and tail, wearing a pair of little black jeans and a black long sleeved top, and ... Gingery socks and mittens ....  

" what have you been up too?" Dan called out around the corner, freezing at the sight of the little six or seven year old, who was staring up innocently at me, I smiled slightly... He reminds me of an anime character... I giggled slightly, and regained seriousness, because I looked a bit weird. 

" have you two been up too something" 

" I wish we had" Reece smirked, leaning back against the wall and looking down at the small cat child.

" shut up Reece, it's ... Jasper. My cats a neko! AWESOME!" I fist pumped the air doing a little happy dance. 

" no, you just kidnapped a child. " 

" WHAT ! B-BUT I DIDN'T !" oh, my Gosh what have I done, it's probably true, I must find those crazed people, what If they tried selling their own son away, oh my Gosh that's inhumane! Who would even do that? Them maybe? 

" I say we keep it" 

" him Reece, Jasper, if that's even his name?" 

" I wanna call it blue " 

" no! It's not a cat, Jasper, is now slightly human... And he can stay here... You were looking for nekos and crap right?" 

" yes but we don't kidnap!" Dan growled, walking over and shaking me by the shoulders 

" I say we should start."  Reece smirked, " Let's get us some kiddies!"

" You dirty paedophile ! We are not kidnapping children Reece !"  Dan growled, bunching up his fists, he never seemed to like any of Reece's plans, I wasn't sure I did neither.

" why not? We took her" 

" we had to adopt her" 

" we'd be doing the kid a favour, the other parents... Well, they can't even look after him." 

" I agree with Reece on this part of the arguement. He's got a point." 

" you two just confuse me." 

" well, call yourself a dad because he is not father material at all. I'll be the mother figure . . . That's creepy..." 

" dang you two sure make cute babies" Reece chuckled, I stalked past the both of them scooping up Jasper in my arms and resting him on my hip . I headed for my room, and sat him on the edge of my bed. 

" Hello, do you speak ? Or not? Can you say anything?" 

" nya? " he questioned, I sat beside him... I don't speak cat...  

" nya, to you two... Say anything else?" 

" h-hello?" his voice came out quite and stuttering, naww, that's cute. 

" hello, um... You need, anything?" 

He frowned, then his eyes widened in some sort of understanding. He pointed at his stomach. This kids pretty smart for probably thinking he's a cat or something," well, let's get some food, you look hungry too." 

" nya !" he grinned, a little grin, and I picked him up again, heading into the kitchen, and soon hitting Dan with the door again." sorry" I winced because in actual fact, I thrust that door pretty hard. 

" god you trying to Fuc-" 

" DON'T USE THAT LANGUAGE!" I snapped, i don't want Jasper using that language! Not when these two use it a lot, oh god, Reece is gonna be such a bad influence. 

" hey it's the cat kid!" 

I cleared my throat, glaring deeply, before grabbing a bunch of random food, what the hell do kids eat nowadays, sugar based products? 

" what do I feed him?" 

" fish?" 

" oh my gosh that's the perfect excuse to go to sushi run! Come on! " 

" fine, dibs not paying" Reece shouted, soon after i did as well, and Dan hadn't even noticed and I could feel Reece's smirk as well as my own.  

" . . . What?" 

" guess who's paying for sushi?" 

" oh not again" 

" speed up Mr, you should really concentrate." 

" you can talk " 

" come on, I wanna eat some fish!" 

" I wish I was allergic " Dan frowned, slumping out the kitchen. What a Meanie. 


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