Chapter 1

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  • Dedicated to KATY PERRY! (( Just because I wrote this on the way to your concert ;) ))

The scenery was gliding past in a blur, as though time was flying past with it, the houses alight in the upcoming town, along with the sunset ever sliding over the horizon.  

Dusk was coming ever closer as I reached my station, the train coming to a halt, and the dark of the night making me reluctant to leave. I almost jumped back on, but the doors shut, cutting off my escape, the winter air fogging up from my breath, and the shadows overwhelming me. The sun finally dropped out of view.  

I stared after the train hoping that my next step wasn't a mistake, and that it would somehow appear back at my side welcoming me with it's safety.  

It didn't, so now, we begin.

The stroll along the alleys and streets was tiring, I'd been on the train for five hours, it was boring and the only entertainment was the music on my iPod. Which died within the first few hours. The only time I felt safe was when I saw a light in a window, or even when a car drove past, even though it terrified me all the same. 

The negative feelings were intruding my thoughts and all the horrible and unimaginable things were somehow soaking into my skull, making any sudden sounds seem so much more deadly than first thought. 

I found my feet travelling on the frosty, frozen grass, each footstep leaving a crunch which could resemble stomping on a pile of bones. Just over and over, I shuddered at the thought. 

Wait, what am I doing? Why did I even agree to this? I mean , it's stupid, it's fake, surely. 

I turned left, to where an archway of trees hung above me, I hid in the bushes by the exit, peering around the corner, oh my god, he wasn't kidding. 

My eyes are playing up they had to be, I mean t-there's no such thing as angels, that guy does not have wings! 

I blinked rapidly, staring out again, I thought this was some sick joke, then why had I come in the first place?  

Maybe I was just... Intrigued? 

I gasped as his gaze caught mine, hooking it like a fish on a line, I was trapped. His added smirk made me feel like jelly;  I'm not sure if it was because I was surprised, scared, or slightly attracted? Wait a minute, you've seen enough, you can go, point proved that they exist, now to go. Except I was stuck, caught up in a hypnotic stare.  

His black hair swayed in the slight breeze as he sat atop the swings seats, rocking slightly back an forth, his topaz eyes, glistening in the light of the moon, which were still gazing at me. I shivered as a gust of wind caressed my back, sliding under my t-shirt, stupid that I wore it at this time of year. I scanned his face which had a strong look but soft expression. And upon his back were silver wings, looking as if a thousand blades had formed one, all shimmering as the wind dragged the light, lifeless shards  

When he appeared in front of me, I may have yelped a bit, but I still shot up to my feet. 

"And you didn't believe me." His voice came out like a wave of calm sweeping over me, so it was the same sane person... Just he had wings.

"Your not usually this quiet." he frowned, circling me once and smiling again. 

"Because i'm still trying to set my thoughts straight." I said back to him.

" I did tell you, why would I lie about it?" He asked me, a questioning look on his beautiful face.

"Because you could just be a crazed stalker... And I've never seen them on your face time or skype... Or anything else." 

" I said you can only see them under moonlight. The sun hides them and they can't be photographed. Why would I want people to know ?" 

" Why'd you tell me ?" 

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