Chapter 2 (P2)

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Can A Demon Die? 


Chapter 2 


"So . . . When abouts did he turn up?"

" around, now sort of time. I don't even know if it's going to happen! "

" it should, " Sasha jumped up," time travel just reverses the events,  

most should happen due to the the plans of others.

" oh so I just have to kill Stevie and then Demetri comes !" so that's  

how we get demetri!

" what! No!" Reece protested, " you mean the psycho assassin with the  


" I mean Demetri, as in a person. "

" I thought you meant the other one, phew " he chuckled nervously.

" I did mean that one "

" W-why? Who the heck would want that guy near you?!" He groaned, collapsing on the floor, kicking around and complaining, I rolled my eyes at his continuous childish behavior, then I remembered I hadn't had my chance to knock some sense into him.

Also that we hadn't had our encounter with the assassin, who was going to kill us, but had already tried with Reece.

" I'm not that bad " My body tensed up, unsure of whether this was a sick coincidence, or if Demetri actually remembered what was going on. Because really, I need a kind, perverted, possessive idiot to hug right now. Looking over my shoulder, I saw him dressed in his capes and uniform. Somewhat, extremely attracted, I spun around fully. " It's cool, I was intruding in the conversation, yet I've now figured out that those two have forgotten. So, In immediate effect I thought I didn't exactly want to freak everyone out even further." 

" I'm still kinda confused whether you remember or not. . ." Sasha murmured.

" I'm pretty sure that when we mated we sealed our bond, which will forever tie me to her Sasha, and so, she's completely stuck with me. So, when whatever happened happened. I appeared in a meeting of attack plans that happened before I met her. So, I decided I'd hide here until, you all arrived again. Yet already your starting another chain of events that will possibly get us all killed. Congratulations. Your as psychopathic as ever. "

" Your as sarcastic as ever" Turning my back on him, I stared back over the fields as appearing at a perfect time was the people we needed to take. So for this attack, considering we had no weapons, I suggested I take the frying pan because, I'm the least used to combat still through everything that doesn't involve throwing knives thrown at you.

Reece was glaring at me, I flipped him off and pointed over the fields where the other had appeared, Steven and the four others, " Dan, if you want, you can do it all by yourself again. . . ." 

" What? So your telling me that I beat those guys by myself ?" 

" Yes, I was taken by the zombie! You guys do that, I don't like the memory loss thing, it's weird. . ."

" Yeah, imagine how we feel . . .  I have no idea what we've done."

" Just do this then, It's simple, knock them out and we can all drag a body!" 

Following orders, I found myself conscious to a stare, and the smell of rotten flesh, right the. . . thing. Shuddering at the horrific stench attaching itself in the air. A sudden rush flew around behind me, and then again, I might not get grabbed this time. In fact, it seemed to love Demetri. " Everyone loves you don't they?"

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