Chapter 11 (P2)

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Can A Demon Die? 


Chapter 11 ~

I wondered when I decided it, if it really was a good idea to play hide and seek with Demetri. Since when I asked he was so keen that it seemed cruel to ruin his fun, so I let him count, and hid up in the trees, still able to see him from my spot. Which was a bad hiding spot I know. Although, if I had actually tried with the game, then I possibly wouldn't have noticed the people sneaking up on my angel boy, now would I?

They were armed so it made me happy my fathers scythes still following me around. They were. Oh my god! REAL LIFE NINJAS! I think if it wasn't the wrong sort of time, I would have hyperventilated. Judging from my distance, there was two, and one beneath me. Oh my god ! I'm more stealthy than a ninja! I have a weapon I can't use though. 

When taking out my weapon, not of choice, I looked up and heard "... Ready or not, here I come!" Which would have been embarrassing any other time. These guys are ninjas! They're all serious, and probably like, evil and ... Wait are they evil? 

I dropped down quickly, after seeing one signalling, putting my blade in front of the secretive ninjas throat, then kicked him into it. I'm not going to lie, when his severed head rolled to my feet I couldn't really not scream could I? It's rather difficult! You try it if you don't believe me! 

Wait, scratch that! I don't want to be blamed for any murders! haha, 'scratch that' Cat pun. Chuckles to herself weirdly.

Demetri was glaring at me so I obviously killed a good, bad, ninja, guy....

" Were you using me as bait!" 

 " No! ... Kind of! Demetri! There's more than one! ... Do you wanna borrow the..." I pointed but got a very loud rejection before I ran over anyway.

" Your not the only one capable of magic tricks." he grinned, pulling a golden glowing flamberge that  sparked slightly, cautiously stepping back I smirked at it.

" Nice sword buddy."

" Oh Jazz, you don't seem to be talking about the one in my hand."

" Oh Demetri, both of your 'swords' end up in your hand anyway sweetheart. That's when I can't be bothered with you."

" You always want me."

" Sure, sure. Keep thinking that. "

" Your always on my mind when I have my swords in my hand. For multiple reasons actually" He stalked away after me only  just realising that two had tried to sneak up on him from behind. Yeah, he can deal with... I spun sharply at a new scent. Well hello number three... I guess there were four instead.

" Demetri! I don't know how to use this!"

" I do! Ha!" He chuckled, continuing to move away, I was going to murder him! " Your more a ninja than these losers, go have a try. The worst that could happen is everyone getting dragged back in time right?" 

Holding my guard in front of me, I held my scythes bar steady, trying to remove the stabbing deja vu that attacked me in the chest. This black ninja was very familiar actually, I'm sure I knew who it was. My brain was letting me guess by myself and it bugged me. Somehow, this thing, was somewhat a safe thing....

I sighed, waving at the third ninja. Tapping my foot impatiently foot. " There's something really familiar about you..." I stepped back. " I think I'll, just, try and ...." They struck forth, making me bring the bar of the scythe up to intercept. Wow, you are not safe! No safe. 

Glaring at their blade that suddenly popped into view, de javu kicked me in the stomach. Ouch no! That was the ninja! 

 I recognised the weapon they had, it was blue, although slightly different from the others. Scowling, I knew that this guy was the one who wasn't here before. Lunging too quickly to comprehend I was certain it would have gone through me if they had aimed better. 

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