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So, Since I'm fun like this, I want to explain how the new story works :) 

Well, the sequel ! 

A little bit of evil ! 

So, as you know, Dummy is in prison, BOO! 

Jasmin, well, she's booted back to earth and well, her and Dan just continue what him and Reece started in the first place. Grouping their kind to be a stronger force again assassin's which still end up coming along despite the settlement between everyone, half the time it's bad tempered fallen angels ! 

XD Hazzaaar ! So... What's going to happen to a thousand years of work when Demetri reappears with um... I guess you could say a few... 

MAJOR changes ! Yay ! Then it's back to fighting everyone ! messing around and maybe getting kidnapped a few times just to keep things familiar !


~ Chloe x

Plus, I am about to start tiping chapter two of A little bit of evil now so... Ta-da !

 PLUS PLUS : if you haven't read part one! Click the external link or just go to ma profile ! XD x

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