chapter 19

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Chapter 19

At this point in time where having a knife at your throat, by a very angry shadow spirit, is your fate. Maybe i can change my earlier statement of this being fun, and since everything else was still slow, nothing had even started yet, I was officially ruined. There was no way of moving yet. 

" cant we just, hug it out ?" i smiled, sweetly and not really attempting to get out, if i don't struggle and be a good captive then ill be freed, 

" i may have fallen for that once. I wasn't intending on killing you until you pulled out your knife. "

" then why are you-"

" i never said anything about now "

" well . . . how about we just. . . team up and save the world " 

" from what exactly ?" 

" mutant radioactive super ... MONKEYS !"

" maybe i should kill you to save the world from another nuisance ?"

Okay, if your thinking, WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING?! Don't okay, I'm making a plan in my head because i don't know. I'm to weak to actually make anything against him, Jasper's too busy attacking people, and Sasha is, unconscious, and i suppose that's why things are moving slightly faster.

" if you did, kill me then you do realise. Demetri would possibly wipe out an entire species, because he's like that. " 

" our species is stronger, and I'm only here to find more of our kind anyway, so, just be quiet ."

" isn't that kinda like what Reece and Dan were doing? Finding others who are part demon and stuff, just to be a stronger force around these douche bags. "

" i don't even know who your talking about "

" never mind then, but if your not about to slice open my throat, what the heck are you doing? "

" pretending to, because the idiot with no eyes wants to do that himself, except he was going to go and take you and Demetri up to the gods, where ... something or other would happen, probably leading to him being locked up there, and you being left in hell." if i wasn't especially worried before I'm definitely scared right now, and i would not like to spend any part of my life in hell, nuh uh.

" i am not liking the sound of that, why does he have to take us there? isnt god like all powerful and stuff?" 

" the main god is actually blind, all the others plus the ones humans have discovered, aren't really interested in the war between us and them, except the god of war, who probably doesn't want to report it, he must be enjoying himself, "

" wait so your ... on my side ?" 

" i could be, but i might not be, it can really depend... " 

The rest Of his words went in one ear and out the other, since i remembered a really important thing . I can wipe peoples memories! I must have wiped my own, I completely forgot that! Is that another thing you can do as a shadow spirit? Like I care it helped, it knocked grabby over here unconscious, and I was now unable to be harmed, or so I thought, as soon as he hit the floor, the speed returned, and Jasper hopped on my back. 

" Jazzy, you fight too" he whined, pulling me sideways, and the wrongway, since it was towards someone I'd already fought, and got rid of, i dont want that again. Its difficult. I was just panicked, now, more so.

" Jasper no, not him, " I said, shifting into my leopard, and then leaping at a by passer, and snapping their neck with my teeth, this would have been so much easier in slow motion. I was leaping across the hall, towards Sasha, and didn't know how to carry the unconscious vampire.

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