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C.A.D.D ~ 

Can A Demon Die?

Chapter 1 _ 

I felt lost when I woke up, the room was almost unfamiliar, even if I'd spent most of my life here.

My old adoption home, my old room.

My eyes were sent to the wall where my calender was, untouched from  

when I-

Wait, I packed everything when I left.

So why was I here?

I had been debating whether or not I had been through one hell of a dream. Or if was I currently dreaming?

Did I actually die?  

Did I push myself back in time ?

It was obvious from the texts on my phone that it was the day before I had originally planned to meet Dan. I was stuck still, no sure what to do. It was one o'clock in the evening, and as soon as I went to put my phone down, it buzzed again.

It was from Dan.

What time are you gonna be getting here?

I remember last time, typing back, 'late' as a quick reply because-

The door opened beside me. As if on cue to my thoughts, remembering as I was called down for lunch. This time I sat frozen, ignoring the call as the door shut.

If I start this all again, then, all the bad things would happen. I shouldn't let it happen.

But if I know what happens, I can just prevent it, I can change it, right?

What if, I did things like that? I just switched it all around? The simple answer wouldn't be sent, will not now. 

Hey Dan, the train leaves late so, I'll be there, very late. And, be careful, just in case.

I ran down the stairs, and ran back up again, locking myself in my room. 

Right, think, what went wrong also. First of all, Jasper died, yep, that is definitely not happening a second time, you almost too, that hopefully wont happen. Risk is your uncle,and apparently on my side , enemies with your dad. Remember that.

You were kidnapped multiple times, and when you first arrived, the zombie grabbed you, and that girl! Who was she?

That really doesn't matter, but how on earth are you going to stop yourself getting killed by Demetri if your not scared of him this time? He literally tried to kill you at first and didn't stop until you hugged him for no reason! Why did I do that again? He was going to kill Jasper ! 

Okay forget that, what else . . . 

You killed Steven who was Dan's mate. Who came back to life, and then you almost killed him ... Again.

I slapped my head against my knees, what the hell? Is this what they mean by I can't die ? Do you, revive yourself? Or take yourself back and try again? Did I do that on accident again? I don't know, can't I go back? Or, wait, what if, I've dreamt it all, just like I thought.

It was too real to think that.

I looked on my shoulder, there was still a scar from my first encounter with the angels. Demetri too. I was still a cat, no change there. Stress kept bubbling in my stomach, what was going on, does this everyone was unaware? That no-one knows what I've done? Not even the shadow spirits? Normally we're all in the same boat with using powers, there's no rules saying I didn't do that and take them with me. 

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