Chapter 5 (P2)

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Can A Demon Die?


Chapter 5 ~

In the beginning, this would possibly seem normal, hiding from an assassin who's trying to hunt me down. He probably will kill me now that I think about it. So for the moment I'm trying to come up with a plan for the next phase of my complicated life. I'd thought about going to my cats natural habitat and letting her roam free for the rest of our immortality. Now that I re-think it, it's not a good idea anymore, because I would rather keep control of myself.

My other thoughts then concluded to find someone who could hide me, that list went to result with no possible participants. I had to hide myself. From who? Just Demetri right? Because then I can keep everyone else alive right?

Next thing I know, I'm daydreaming towards the old house. You see if I hadn't noticed I would have walked straight out into their view. That would not have helped my cause, or my sanity, so I hid behind a hedge, clearly unnoticeable.

My luck ran out, I hadn't been caught no. Much worse, they had a very special weapon to use against me. Jasper.Biting my hand was the only way I could stop myself crying, he looked thirteen, grown up and taller. Still with striking blue hair spiked up over in all crazy angles, he had somehow hidden his ears in the mass of strands.  I felt like jumping him.

So, I gave in and pretty much cried my eyes out as I spun him round in circles. Then and only then noticing that I was now smaller than him too... This means more piggy back material. " JASPER!"

Eventually I was calm, and soon enough, I was crushed too, by Reece. " she's alive! " he cheered hugging me for, a little too long if I must add. Then everything kinda went badly. Steven pulled me aside, he didn't look very happy, but since when did he ever ?

" where have you been? I'm being serious, we've been slave laboured by your stupid boyfriend for six years!" I nodded, sounds very typical. Wait, no! You need to leave. Now possibly. Hey, why not see if he knows where I can hide.

" yeah. I have to leave again. Problems with the whole mate system. . . Uh uh uh! Before you start yelling, it's because if I don't, then we all die ! You See, I think it's quite a good deal actually. I need somewhere to hide from Demetri, any suggestions !"

" so... Now your leaving? What happened?"

" I've been unconscious for six years, I don't know what happened! All I remember is getting yelled at to make sure I don't go near Demetri again! Then passing out! Next thing k know is that I'm waking up in the middle of the street. That's all that happened to my own knowledge." what did happen when I was unconscious?

" there are loads of possibilities. I don't know think there's  

anywhere you can go that he can't get too."

" well where's everyone despite that?"

" either slacking or looking out for you. Either way. As long as your safe, it's pretty okay really. "

" what am I going to do about . . . Where's Risk ?"

" he's been in a depressed state for a while, he just ignores us all. He's usually eating. So, possibly in the kitchen."

I took that and true to the words, he was sleeping on top on a sandwich t the counter. That's when I noticed how hungry I was, and stole one half, seeing as it was only cheese. After that, I wanted the other slice, so I jut pushed him to the floor and stole his seat. Eating as he had a fit on the floor.

" what! Wait! How ! You ! JASMIN!" Risk smiled, snatching the half eaten sandwich slice and eating up all of it at once. He spun me around in the air too. So I was pretty much as dizzy as they come by now. Stopping me and holding me an arms width away.

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