Chapter 25

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Chapter 25 

My smile was held onto after I had my happy meal, I was the extreme level of happy! Munching to the the chicken nuggets and threw my toy at the driver, it's was a soft toy, it least it wasn't a piece of hard plastic that could have blinded him. The toy rebounded back to me and I dropped it, it kinda got stuck under the breaks, so, I thought maybe that we couldn't stop, well, that could have been the case. Uh, we can't really die, and it would stop eventually right?

Well I noticed that it was only me who'd actually realised it was jamming the brakes, so I had to get it out, only half bothering to reach, until I saw coming up ahead, was a stop light. I undone my seat-belt and crawled down there, I don't want the police being even more involved.

" Jasmin ! What are you doing ? You can do that later!" I pulled the toy free, struggling slightly, ha ha ! Then got myself stuck where I was. " okay, while your down there, can you push the brakes! Now!" 

Okay, so punching the brakes was kinda painful but the car stopped." okay seriously, out, move, it's making me feel weird !"

" I'm stuck! "

" what were you doing anyway!?"

" fixing something "

" I'm sure I'm in perfect working order, so there's no need. Okay, press the accelerator, now."

" you do it !"

" your in the way!"

" fine." I pushed it and then explained my reasons for being down here but he still claims I was disrespecting his person, which is most untrue and incorrect. I even gave him the toy and wanted so badly to move away from my spot but no, I had a gear stick digging into my stomach and it was hurting a lot, if he can't break or accelerate or use the gear stick, how's he even meant to drive. The steering wheel is scraping across my back as well, I feel so awkward.

" You know i'm kinda glad this cars a two seater right now. How awkward would it be if your brother was here " How i want to slap him for bringing that up, I didn't even want to see my brother! 

He was gonna end up either annoying me half to death or lecturing me about running away ... Well technically, I was forcefully adopted by two strangers who, well weren't all too perfect. Reece could be arrested for sexual assault daily and Dan, well he's been distant and quiet ever since we came back. I always wondered why that was, was he embarrassed? Why the hell should he be? Because him and Steven make a cute little gay couple in my opinion, but he's been . . . Oh yeah. Uh couped up in a room 'alone' . . . I don't dare go and talk to him anymore because well, after last time - " Jasmin! " 

" WHAT !" 

" I said breaks !" 

" Oh, shit ! " Again I slammed down on the breaks, feeling fuzzy in the head and groaned, I really hate this, but I squirmed even more when the door opened, and crawled my way outside, thank god i'm so slim, otherwise I'd probably of been stuck there for a while. 

The light hit my vision sharply coming to hurt my eyes, so I just flopped on the ground, getting a tight hold on the grass beneath me. Keeping the world out of my thoughts, because I was free. Well, for a  moment anyway, because I obviously have to be carried everywhere I go, it's actually not bothering me anymore, even though the fact that behind my brother looked seething angry, even as Demetri tried to walk away, fast enough to seem worried too. Rolling my eyes, I just let things happen, I knew something would happen, and not in a good way neither. 

" is your window locked by any chance?"

" nope, never." i shrugged, feeling the gravity pull me another way a I landed on my feet, struggling to concentrate as a headache started thrumming around my skull, see, this is why being upside down is not good for anyone. " wait, why do you need my window!"

" because I need to get in the house quickly. I know for definite that he doesn't like me now after that stupid shenanigan " he scowled, and I burst out laughing by even the slightest of looks at him, then he just went and scaled the wall and forcefully open my window, disappearing inside the house. 

" moron . . ." Claws can be used for other things, like maybe, opening the back door to get inside the house also. Leaving it open as well, because I would enjoy knowing any physical violence inflicted on Demetri would make me extremely happy. Instead I was the one getting any form of lecture it seemed, because the strong arms that grabbed me were not comfortable. Or maybe that was because I was trying to get away with a lot of hassle because, his lectures can go on for hours.

So, maybe, I should run? and hide? Where though that's the thing. I couldn't complain if I had no plan, I know, Jasper! " JASPER!" 

Almost immediately he appeared in the doorway,  " FOOD !" He cheered, climbing onto my brothers shoulders, " who's this!" he faced me appearing closer than I first expected, grinning rather frighteningly at me. 

" this is my brother, and I just need you to be nice to him. Okay?"

" sure Jazzy ! why's he in police clothes? Did you guys go to a fancy dress without me!"

" no! he almost arrested us though."

" I still could "

" how so . . . ? "i growled, kicking about again, until I dropped to the floor.

" I saw more than I think I wanted to."

" okay, just to you know, nothing of what you thought happened and also, I am of legal age anyway so NEH!"

" no your not!"

" I'm sixteen doofus. Oh, Jasper. Be good and help him with something." 

" how?"

" I don't know, get someone else to help, like Dan, he's a good slave."

" there are more guys here!"

" yeah, about, six or something, although there's another girl too, don't worry, two are gay anyway. Yeah, and please don't scare anyone, your awful frightening sometimes when you inspect people." Fleeing the room, I then bumped into Steven, uh, feeling kinda awkward, I just waved and walked past. " uh, Stevie. Stay out the kitchen. My brothers in there and he's a cop so he'd probably kill you just for looking at him funny."

" what? "

" dude, " I pulled him along the corridor " just, stay, away. yes?"

" uh, why is he here then? "

" doesn't believe I was adopted or something and is gonna inspect people and shit, so please, tell people to act normal. If you see Demetri, then don't tell my brother where he is, because otherwise, I think there wont be anything left. Got all that ? BE NORMAL FOR ONCE! " I walked off and came backing pointing at him "Jasper is an exception."

" What how come Jasper-" the rest of his complaint was slammed away by the living room door, and I continued my walk to my room, only I fell down the stairs when Demetri decides to randomly run past the top of the stairs and scare me. 

So for the mean time, i'm gonna stay unconscious at the bottom of these steps I guess. . .

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