Chapter 13

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Chapter 13

Demetri's P.O.V

I wanted something,  

Something, anything, even pain. 

I just need to confirm where I stand, am I alive or dead? I feel dead, I feel useless, I let them take her from me, right out from under my nose. I am a pathetic excuse of a mate, I feel like I've let her, and myself down . I choked back tears, just because Reece had come in. 

" uh, well if your busy ..." he turned to leave. 

" what?" 

He cleared his throat, is it so bad to find a heart Broken man, moping on his own and feeling useless... Wait, I don't feel it... I know it.  

" we got a , uh... Well, a letter... And it's not too good" 

" why do I care?" 

" it's about, Jasmine" he croaked. 

I jumped to my feet, " what, where?" my throat was rasp dry, and pretty much plain, like the air was gone, even in this slight sliver of wonder I hated that I couldn't remember any of the hidden bases are , and that's maybe what happens when you go against your entire race I suppose. 

Yeah, and you panic when your mate dissapers, like now, I feel empty and I feel luke absolute crap personally. 

I subconsciously ran a hand through my hair for the millionth time today and frowned at Reece, who walked away, while I followed almost lifelessly, until Jasper jumped on my back, somehow , and I thought I was quite tall. Well compared to that little midget I am, he's quite adventurious though, but really,I've grown used to the squirt. He's kinda a comfort to me, since he's just like Jazz, both mental idiots, both playful and fun, and both little, very Little , and neko's.

Dammit, I've been flying around for the past few days, and I find nothing, nothing, the linger u wait or search, the weaker i feel , but the more determined ( or utterly annoyed ) I grow. 

Which is why I don't know what to do, with the mixed emotions blending in my soul and head.  

But when we walked into the kitchen Dan was growling to himself with paper stuck in a fist which Reece had to physically force out of his hand, scowling at the paper and handing it out to me like it was diseased thing, and I caught a scent before I had even been passed it ... Steven? 

Didn't he die?  

" I thought he was dead?" 

" he is... Or should be ... He's either, completely immortal like you or turned into a zombie... Or worse a soulless "  

" are you kidding me?" 

" nope, but things get worse when you actually read it, it's actually for Jazz though" 

I looked down at the crumpled up paper an frowned further :

I'm coming for you

Four words that had the power to set me seething, shaking and growling in rage. Almost a mirror image if Dan, I'm sure I reacted worse. 

" is this or real? " I managed through my strangled throat, which was swallowing tears back and leaving me to drown in my own sorrows almost literally.  

" I'm afraid it is, except he must have been scared of what would happen if he was caught by one of us, that he didn't know she was gone, which is both good and bad. I think we should keep looking though, you need to rest though, in case we get her location, your the one who's weakest" 

" no, I have to look" 

" you've been searching for ages Dem, just rest today at least, someone needs to watch Jasp, you can today, were searching" 

" If you expect me to just sit around andet it become to late, your sadly mistaken" 

" if you don't keep yourself together then you won't be strong enough to save her anyway" 

" I don't care! You can't stop me!" I threw the paper to the floor, feeling Jasper's grip tighten on my back as I stormed out the back door, feeling my wings spread out behind me, " you better hold on " I grunted, as Jasper nearly Choked me with his grip and I flew off the ground, twice as determined, while, I can still look after Jasp if it stops him complaining . He doesn't have his mate, he's should shut up and get an actual brain If he thinks I'm gonna stop looking for her. 

My gaze  Glided over the landscapes and I sighed in great distaste when I later still found nothing, and was about to turn around when another distinct scent caught my attention, one person who I never seemed to enjoys company or manner of dealing , but a faint scent lingered among other randoms, sweet delicate and soft, like a jasmines, with lavender ... The scent I knew belonged to Jazz, I don't care if she isn't there, I'm gonna find out where she is, and why the heck she was taken from Mr!  

Even if I have to slaughter every single being in the building, faint in my sights , covered by a glamour spell, which I hadn't exactly noticed before which only enraged me further ...  

That slight scent drove me further though, and anger rose along with my strength and power ... I will do what I can !  

Because I love her . 

I don't remember if I told her or not . 

I should . 

And I will . . .  

Um . . . Eventually.

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