Chapter 28

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Chapter 28 

After explaining he was more then angry at me, which was new for him, I can see why he was feared by nearly everyone at this point. Even so, he hadn't lashed out at me which, with his sudden temper change, I honestly suspected from him. Wouldn't exactly surprise me in any way, but I am relatively delicate when people are shouting directly at me. 

Especially at a time like this. 

Where it was already hurting my heart enough as it is, I didn't want him upset too. Although it only seems that he's angry at me and nothing else is the problem, but me. I wasn't impressed, I was still curled up in a ball while he was pacing like he was trapped or something.

Your not Demetri, just get up and leave if it's too much for you, I almost did.

I rolled my eyes at my own thought, yeah, sure he'd do that, no, it had become obvious from the moment that he shook me by the shoulder asking why I didn't tell him, and then started off about a plan. I kept switching on an off thinking of other ways to get through the problem.

Sighing, my feet dropping out in front of me, I felt more interested in them than anything else in the room. My attention narrowly flickered to Demetri, he'd stopped and was staring at me. A scowl deep on his face, he folded his arms. 

I wasn't listening, to him again, oh don't start again . . .

" You weren't listening were you? Jasmin how are we. . . " Okay, my mind wandered, it has been doing this for the past two hours. I pulled myself up on my feet, completely giving up on anything again, I walked straight out of the room, not polite. Neither was shouting in my opinion neither. 

I could feel a frustrated look on my face, my lips pursed tightly, my eyebrows scrunched together, I tried to relax, but for that I had to stop walking. I wasn't planning on standing still, I felt awkwardly stiff from sitting bunched up for that amount of time. Consider it taking a break in the argument. 

Actually an argument involves two people, in my case, this is Demetri just yelling to himself, because my mind is blank and cutting all contact with the loud mouth himself.

Watching my feet, it didn't seem wise to just walk away, annoyed as hell and bloody well bored too. Wait, I keep complaining to myself about this, it's not making a difference in the problem, so I should stop. 

I froze, slowly turning around and walking back again, if I wanted this to stop I had to go and tell him he was being a douche and an idiot, and that he needed to actually have my attention in the first place.

Although I was scared, no, freaking petrified of him when he was shouting a moment ago, how am I supposed to do anything? If I am pretty much confused out of my mind and unable to do fuck all ! 

I strolled back in again, he'd given up on walking and looked up at me from his seat in my swivel chair, his head still rested on his hands, he spun the chair away and looked back down at the floor, oh great, now he's going to be the grumpy one.

I slid over, holding the back of the chair, forcing him around to face me. Only making him shuffle around again, okay, now, I was not in the mood for a stroppy child. Jasper's a big pain as it is. Demetri did not need to do this. 

Then again, I usually am the mature one, Pinning him back on the seat, I climbed back onto his lap,  trying my best with a stern look directed at him. He growled, turning to face the floor again, not happening.

I held his face in my hands and for a moment we both scowled. Well why, I don't see a point in being angry, what a waste. " If you were trying to talk to me earlier, I didn't acknowledge you, you were shouting and getting angry. It isn't easy to hear shouting or understand it when I'm too scared to think. " 

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