chapter 21

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Chapter 21

I was entirely lost. 

Walking around the house, which we eventually managed to get ourselves too, as long as we swore on some oath to come back to Risks world we could leave. Which made him happy I suppose, and I'm a big person on promises. Next time I do see him, I need to know why I think I know him. Which will probably end up like this, six days without speaking. It had given me a sore throat too, it feels neglected and ignored like me.

Pacing the hallway, I was still angry that I'd agreed because the next day, Dan told me he would have said if i'd asked. Still, I'm the only one who knows, and, Stevens here now, while Sasha and, um. . . Jack? I think, said they'll be back when I can actually talk because they think i'm gonna tell everyone. When i've decided i'm not until I get my answers as to why they kinda hate each other, all I can think is, why? Then I had a thought, what if one of them tried to kill the other? 

Then wouldn't they kinda end up like me and Demetri? Or is this a different thing? Like a love hate relationship? I mean am i over thinking this stuff? Since it's wrong to just say that you don't care, because i do. Well i care for Dan, but why didn't he do anything when i killed him? Oh, he would have been able to come back right? Back then, he wouldn't have. . .

Why would he try to kill some one who can't die ! That's, the exact reason, ha, i never realised that, i mean if you wanted your mate then, you'd follow them around, even if it were for a lost cause. It means  . . . Well i'm gonna be embarrassed if i'm wrong. 

If i were in a cartoon right now, a little '!' would have appeared above my head i'm sure, because, if i remember rightly, Steven planned to separate me and Demetri before, and send him to the gods and trap me in hell ( which would suck ). I think because he's like super high in the evil list in our case that he must be a high ranked person. Who must be less able to be in any form or relationship with a demon. God, for a guy who created everything, he really does make some crappy laws, we shouldn't have that. I'll take this guy to court! 


. . . 

Exactly. There probably isn't a court up there anyway.

I looked back up at the clock, 11:36, i can talk soon, but i'm so tired, plus every ones still in the living room watching TV and stuff. While me? I was waiting for my chance to speak again, even if i think i've forgotten how, WORDS WILL FORM! 11:39 HA HA! It's getting closer! 

i went onto the kitchen putting on my black and green skull candies, and danced around looking for even the smallest snack, while listening to I am ghost in a complete state where i could forget and eat, which i did, I FOUND DEMETRI'S HIDDEN COOKIES!!! FINALLY! As i sneaked past the gormless people staring at the television screen, i wasn't sure what they were watching but i didn't care, this discovery could save me and Jasper from our cookie-less days. He should be sleeping but i'm gonna be inconvenient and make him hyper with sugary biscuits. 

I giggled slightly when i walked in, he'd fallen asleep with the pillow on his head, and had cut out eye holes. . . What a Jasper thing to do, isn't it? 

I poked him, and he kicked me, so I pushed him out the bed, where he jumped on me, and poked his tongue out. " Jazzy, you can't speak I wont let you." I pulled the cookies out from under my crushed form, watching his eyes light up. It's amazingly cute. I pulled them away when he struck out for them, and then looked at the clock 11:58. My eyes lit up, so close. 

He tried again, and i ripped the packet open, and about twenty cookies flew everywhere, and then we were collecting them again, sharing them and then we ate them. All gone within ten minutes. . . 12:08 ! 

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