Extra chapter 1 XD SnowTime!

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Demetri was sulking on the sofa refusing to look out the window, it 'angered and embarrassed' him as he kept repeating to me every time there was even mention about the snow outside. Just because he'd almost killed me on a snowy day doesn't mean it's all bad right. This could sort out the whole problem he has with snow and more, remove bad memories. 

Having had no movement from him so far, pulling him up and dragging him outside was near impossible, he ran away once he saw the direction I was tugging him. " No"

The response was as usual so I let him stand there, while I put his cape on him, despite the fact he tore it off himself. So instead, I replaced it with mittens and a scarf and hat. While I instead stole his cape and ran outside, yeah not without my shoes.

Nervous about ruining the clean canvas of snow, I started to plan out how I wanted to play this out. So I rolled myself a snowball and started my snowman as I was. After I'd made and moved a huge base of snow, I was cold, I had forgotten that I'd given my gloves away and my palms were pale blue.

Finding Demetri standing over me, I took the gloves and rubbed my palms together, trying to reheat the numb fists. Demetri wrapped his arms around me, holding my hands in his. " Come inside, it's cold."

" Not until the snowman's finished!" I said, pushing him back to roll the middle part, which thankfully took less time, my back had started to ache. Snow is surprisingly heavy, but I managed to get the middle part on top the bottom. Just after a head appeared above that. Making me smile. 

I knelt down, starting the next thing I usually did. One ball and then an oval shape, then mould two triangles for ears and you have a tail-less cat. Which cat beside the snowman. Demetri was stood in front of the snowman, who now had arms and eyes, which he was carving using blades which spiked out of his inner wrists. I stood beside him, ruining it by stuffing a carrot nose in the centre on it's face. 

" Hey!" I smirked at his upset and as grabbed by the collar as he threw snow down my top. The icy feeling clustered in my bra and it was a very uncomfortable sensation one where I was pretty rapid at removing the snow. 

" Asshole." I looked up at him and scowled, seeing his happy face I dropped my angry look, hoppping up on my tip toes to quickly peck him on the cheek. His red face went slightly deeper in shade and he glared at the snow . " Demetri stop it!" I pushed him over and pinned him on his back. " Now make me a snow angel!"

I screamed when his wings burst outwards, patting down the snow. He smirked and then managed, and I'll always be amazed how, to pull them back again so they disappeared into his back. Before I'd even got to stroke them again. He made little arm and leg indents and pulled me up too my feet as he climbed up. 

It was acually a really detailed dent if I must say. I felt him push me this time, I landed flat out in the snow and shot back up. Glaring at him I found out my angel had the look of a devil instead, my ears creating horns, my tail had made a mark too. while the cape created a looked of flames as well. 

" That is snow devil Jasmin, your terrible at this!" 

" I'm a neko! I have cat ears and a tail! Of course it's going to look different to a guys who actually have wings!" 

" I know, you could have tried more though..." 

" Demetri shut up!"

" No!" he pouted.Turning his head to the side. 

I looked back at the snow 'angels' and snowmen and pet, I was proud once again, it never ceased to amuse me the amount of effort I put in. Only to get such pathetic results. I laughed, feeling soft lips against my own, I stepped back at the sudden shock. Demetri chuckled broadly and loudly, combing his fingers through my hair and kissing my forehead. 

" I love you, you know that?"

" Yep, because this time you even attempt killing me!" I smirked, his jaw dropped open.

" Way to ruin the moment completely! "

" Yep, come on, there might still be some cookies' for the hot chocolate !!" 

He pushed past me, running to get to them before I did, for once I struggled to catch up. He was desperate to get inside it seemed. While I was just happy  he wasn't grumpy anymore.


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