Chapter 11

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Chapter 11

Okay, I've been pretending to be unconscious for ages, I think I'm getting more bored than the ones actually waiting for me to wake up. It's very very boring. And my neck aches after laying on my side for an hour, this is a very uncomfortable and twisted position. 

So I fluttered my eyes and groaned into my pillow, yeah, just act like you've only just decided to get up. . .  


I scrambled up, and was pulled into someones lap, " it would help to not struggle " they chuckled, and I threw a hissy fit and try clawing at them, 

" what a wonderful welcome" Reece grinned and Jasper appeared the opposite seat one thought kept 

Buzzing around my head. . . Who was flying? Who was I sleeping on? And, why am I yet again... Confused. 


although I couldn't help but squeak when I felt lips pressed to my neck. Yeah, I know who I'm sitting on. 

" calm down " Trust me, I can not be calm near you Demetri . Not at all . . .  

But still I was happy to be with them all again, it was strange now, I can suspect I'm gonna end up unconscious or in another helicopter which would be hell. That one I would jump out of, which made me quiver, " what the hell happened?" 

" well, it took a lot of threatening but eventually someone actually told us where you were, and I have you again!"he cheered, hugging me and kissing me in a fast motion repeatedly while I happily complied. Smirking to myself.  

" hello, Jasper is still here in the front, lower the ratings please" I glared back at Dan who had magically appeared in the front seat, covering Jasper's eyes. Until he scratched his hands away, while he used language way worse a rating than what me and Demetri were doing . 

I giggled, more to myself, and smiled at Jasper who came over anyway and grasped my waist. 

" I was worried Jazzy, they don't make good food, I could have starved." he grumbled into my t-shirt climbing onto my lap.  

" wow, I don't need any extra weight on me!" 

Oh no he didn't ! 

" WHAT ARE YOU TRYING TO SAY!" I snapped, okay, I have issues with being called fat okay, I had that a lot, but now I can eventually say I'm super happy with my figure!  

" n-nothing, babe " he said, ducking his head back down, yeah you better submit to me...  

" wow Jesus Jasper, you are getting heavy! What in the heck did you feed him!" 

" sugar based products like you did ?" Dan frowned. Only to glare at the grin on Jasper's cute little face.  

" I gave him a good diet thank you! Your a cheeky little bugger aren't you?" I grinned back at him, as he took a bow on my lap. I burst into a fit of laughter.  

" and another fit of giggles..." Reece grumbled. 

" he's such an asshole " Jasper said poking his Tongue out at Reece.  

" Jasper! I don care if that comments true, your too young to use any language like that!" I scolded him, as he ended up with his head hung down like Demetri had a second ago. 

Tsk, all of them are such two year olds, Jasper's the only exception! Those three need serious help if ... Oh my gosh. Reece can fly a helicopter? " LAND THE VEHICLE RIGHT NOW! " I screamed suddenly realising I was flying. 

" no can do, kinda in the middle of an ocean . Not smart." Reece smiled, immediately recognising my discomfort. 

While Demetri just held onto me tighter, " don't you dare Reece " he growled, making my heart flutter slightly. Halfway between fear of the unknown and at the sound of his sexy little growl. I raised an eyebrow at him, trying to recognise any motive for what Reece was gonna do? He shook his head, while I peeped back at Reece. 

" what? This ?" he smirked switching off the engine, and I think my heart stooped again. And then realised that we were falling . " oh no how terrible " he growled. Starting it up as I realises I was shaking and wrapped myself all up and over Dem. Who was smirking at me. And Jasper who was jumping around with joy, like a cricket on steroids.

I felt a sudden shudder run through the cabin, while the bottom of the helicopter was sat on top the water just hovering.  

" now what's so bad about it?" he grinned.  

" THAT'S SO AWESOME !!" Jasper squealed like a girl would, which surprised me, I didn't know his voice could go that high... 

" oh not again, now another adrenaline rush, you idiot. " said Dan smacking Reece around the head. Everything was definitely normal now. All, usual. Me curled up on Demetri's lap. Jasper being , a maniac, or well, jasper . Reece and Dan arguing and attacking each other, and Demetri, curled up with me... Still it all felt weird... 

" why are we over the ocean?" I asked as all eyes darted to Reece . 

" because I wanted to annoy you and loose the others in the clouds! Okay!" 

" of course, your lucky you had a back up speech."  

" we can go now ..." he muttered, slowly turning around in the air, and heading in the other direction. Where faintly, I saw the sunset to the left. Strange, normally I wouldn't have even dared get in a car with anyone driving, but this sunset, calmed me down. Completely, I snuggled back into Demmy's chest and closed my eyes, and tried to stop my tail swaying, but for now, I'm in to good a mood to scold it.  

" Demetri! Don't!" I moaned, when he twisted it between his fingers, oh for goodness sake!  

" why not?"  

" I told you why!" I muttered, snatching it back " bad tail!" I growled at it, and jasper was staring at me expectantly, but as I caught his gaze he held out his arms . I picked him up, and he curled up into Demetri again. Not surprised, he's one comfy dude, as I followed too.  

He fell asleep.  

While I ... I had to Wake up . . . 


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