chapter 7

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" REECE IF YOU DON'T STOP IT YOUR GONNA GET MY FOOT WHERE YOU DON'T WANT IT!" I screamed, leaning against my door, pushing it closed while Reece was half through the door, trying to attack me with mistletoe because he's an idiot buying another branch. 

" come on! It's Christmas!" 

" well, it's still a no, ITS THREE IN THE MORNING!" 

" so what? I should get points for getting you up early" 

" yes, you got me up two hours ago, I want to sleep! Go away!" 

" can't I sleep with you again?" he smirked, getting his arm through and using the door to knock me over,  

" no you jerk!" 

He jumped and straddled me, holding the mistletoe in his mouth. I growled, punching him repeatedly in the chest, and he just laughed, laughed, I mean am I really that weak or something. 

Before comprehending anything he'd pressed his lips too mine, but I'm surprised he's a bloody amazing kisser. I shall not complain any further, I tugged at his hair, still over thinking any last minute mind changes. 

Nah, I'm cool. 


" I am so happy I got that kiss jazz " he winked, making a swift exit. 

... So he did know my name... And already he thinks he can give me a nickname.  

I just realised how creepy it feels... He's supposed to be a parent !  

Wow, he would make a terrible father. 


" GET BACK UPSTAIRS NOW!" again I'm yelling, except at all three of them who want to sneak down for presents before I do obviously...  

" but it's five o'clock, we've waited long enough! " 

" you could of at least wait for me!" 

" your still in pajamas?" Dan grumbled. 

Yeah, this isn't really pj's, it's girly boxers and a blue vest top, that's what They calls Pajamas ? 

" so what, you don't have to do anything today, so what's the point?" 

" true, why should I be complaining? I get to look at the view"  

" stop being a pervert! " 

" it's in my nature, I'm so very sorry my brain has an active imagination" 

" dude, your supposed to be her parent, this could be written up a sexual abuse" Dan scoffed slightly, although his gaze was fixed on me." hypocrite" I muttered, before getting dressed.

In the end I forced everyone into buying presents, I had to drag them outside and to the town. saying if you don't buy each other at least one gift, then I will shove stuffing where the sun don't shine and cook them in tin foil. Which got them running . 

And me in fits of laughter when each and every time they bumped into me they looked scared shit less, which was the best bit. 

They better have actually bought presents ... Because I seems to think that Reece is a rather self centered person really. 

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