chapter 24

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Chapter 24

To me, right now, this was not a date any more. 

This. Was a competition.

We were out in a forest and both ignoring all the safety processes, we ran straight into a battle, and i had completely lost sight if him, bearing in mind he was on the floor complaining about his eye, which my perfect aim had damaged again. He'd bee cheating anyway, flying is so not in the rules! So I used my cattiness to my advantage, and climbed a tree, hiding in the leaves. I was scared too get down now.

So hopefully out of him and the other people who are here, none will notice me, sure i'm gonna shoot them, why not? Because I have a better hiding spot, and so far i have shot two people in the back of the knees and i'm still safe.

Yay. I guess, but, it's kinda boring being stuck in a tree. There's nothing to do except wait but i honestly know i'd have a broken ankle for at least a couple hours if I did jump, because the trees to wide to hug or slide down and that would hurt more anyway. I was stuck.

And it was boring. 

There wasn't much to do for a while, and in that while, I was grabbed and pinned against one of larger branches, but honestly, who else had the capability to sneak up on me? Almost anyone it seems, because i did not expect to see my hot demon friend from the ... whatever dimension. Fully equipped in all the protective gear grinning slightly 

" So i was wondering. . . " He began, talking like this was a normal way to greet people.

" Risk! dude you freaking scared the heck outta me!" First of all, why was he here? Secondly, what's his problem sneaking up on me?

" I apologise dear, but may i please ask what all that commotion was about the last time you visited me?" He stood back, stabilising himself on another branch in order not to fall out the tree. Which didn't seem to be much effort for him.

" well . . . It's kinda weird. " Actually, it's not. It's strange now how weirdly enough, I haven't seen them since earlier, and i don't really want to for a while. Even though that's slightly mean. " The two guys are mates and it's depressing me with the fact that I can't decide if it's a good idea whether to actually go near them anymore . . . "

" I didn't know you could get gay mates. . . That's weird."

" if your a homophobic, i am going to slap you"

" hey, i was just interested. Never heard of that though, must be them gods messing about again. Dickheads. Can't just be normal can they?"

" gays are normal you know?"

" not really . . ."

Here's the part where I pushed him out of the tree, and, I fell. Since being a cat, i fell on my feet. Wait I could have remembered this to begin with couldn't i? Well i would have stayed on my feet if I wasn't shot in the back of the legs.

" Guessing you were comfy hiding from me up there?" Demetri chuckled, pulling me to my feet. Just as Risk jumped beside me scaring me to the floor in which Demmy was glaring at him and pulling me into his arms fully. Overprotective mode activated.

" she probably wouldn't have fallen if she hadn't tried to push me." 

" stop being mean then!" I mewed.

" I was just giving my opinion on the matter as all." He sighed, turning to shoot an approaching contender in our competition, which judging by the paint covering everyone else against me with exactly three paintball splatters. I seemed to be winning. Although stupidly Risk seemed to knock a pressure point on the little attacker since, well, he collapsed to the floor I didn't see the shot but i saw a red paint splatter, if that's even paint. " well that didn't work out "

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