Chapter 13 (P2)

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Can A Demon Die?


Chapter 13 

"Tempestus" The short blue elf smiled. Giving me another stupid answer.

"What?" This short ass was making no sense!

" The library ?"

" What?" How would a library solves my problems?

" The library for the supernaturals like ourselves the one with the one book?"

"  A library that has one book can't be helpful!"

" But this is Tempestus library! Legends find their answers there!" His high tone was comical. Almost insulted by my answer.

"Take me there and prove it."

" Of course!"

This elf is weird. I shouldn't have given it the mountain dew test. I keep doing that now. I tested Demetri, Dan, Stevie, Jasper, Wolfie, Reece and his new girly friend. Out of them all, Roxie and me were both the most fun after drinking it. I like that girl She's awesome!

Reece doesn't like my influence. I keep scaring her apparently, I mean how is claiming that Reece has rabies a scary thin. I know i know, kinda mean but it might be true I guess. You never know! 

All in all, she's the first human I've spoke to in a while.


This book wasn't very easy to use, it was huge, and thick, and dusty, hadn't been used in a while. The intimidating mood in the room didn't help that, it was black and there were candles lit around the room. scary was never a comfortable sensation to surround yourself in.

I flicked to a random page, not sure if I was... 'gain wings'. HM, I can make them anytime I want. Scanning the page it was laced with pattern around the edges and the words were neat, almost that sort of neat where it actually makes no sense. I could just about manage the words. As I read them though, they seemed to be in another language, one that still used English letter and stuff but... Not exactly ...

Oh hey! This paragraph is English. ' the spell above ...'  Wait that was a spell! No! I spun around, OH dear! Swatting at my back, the wings that had suddenly appeared seemed to be real. Swallowing my idiocy, I headbutted the book. " That's what I get for being careless and reading a paranormal book.

The stupid wings were black, like an endless tunnel you could climb into and get lost. Except they were guarded by purple flames which coated them in a bright heat that kinda made me feel better. Hugging myself with the wings I smiled. Until they burnt a chunk of the book out. 

Oh, crap.

Nothing else was left except a hole and a bit of ash. Which restored itself again, while I breathed a sigh of relief. Soon wondering why my wings didn't burn me.

Somewhere else it says for removal go to page sixty three. This page was somewhere in the five millions, so I was starting to think this was a joke or a trap. That elf would be ... Wait would it still be blue if I strangled it? Would it go purple instead? Or red? Oh forget it.

I guess the others can help me... Well at least I have a ride home.

Flicking back by a small portion, it had a title of 'turning invisable' . . . So, when I went to rip the page out the book, I was surprised that; one the page didn't get destroyed completely and two, that the page completely grew back without a problem. So I tucked it in my pocket and got back to whatever else there was to do.

Throwing a whole clump of pages over again I frowned, 'Angelic to demonic energy transfer'. Is that even possible... ' No transformation yet available.'  Oh figures! I can't solve that problem then, geese, what's wrong with everything.

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