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Hit me, Cupid! by NicAthena
Hit me, Cupid!by a t h e n a
Cupid and Psyche. It's the oldest tale in the world. But what happens when Cupid falls victim to his own arrow for the second time around? And this time, it's with a mor...
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PIECE OF SHIT by Neptunerx
PIECE OF SHITby Charlie brown
Soldier by Skalem
Soldierby Skalem
Alice is a talented champion of archery and has just won a place in the nationals. But once her curiosity takes over when she stumbles over a glowing hole she is faced w...
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The Big Book Of Insanity by CinnamonRoll78
The Big Book Of Insanityby 🄲🄸🄽🄽🄰🄼🄾🄽
You're better off jumping in a pool of phiranas then reading this craziness....
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Amores y desamores luminosos by jolaag13
Amores y desamores luminososby J. Lara
Como vienen salen, como salen se publican. Que vuelen los muy cabrones, pues en el infierno de un cajón se marchitan todas las flores del edén.
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MY TIME ( Diary ) by JiMinTheSexyOppa
MY TIME ( Diary )by NᴀᴀᴢMɪɴ_Pᴀʀᴋ
Just because I can't always add tags in my book. Also, some random shits bout me.
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Godzilla x Mothra (babies) {completed} by AXL244
Godzilla x Mothra (babies) { Godzilla2019
no one likes spoilers... but,..... this is a story about Mothra x Godzilla but they're babies and the rest are there
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Nơi mọi người thả trí tưởng tượng bay xa bla...bla..bla... by konohamarutomorie
Nơi mọi người thả trí tưởng tượ konohamarutomorie
ko co j to tát mong mọi ngi ủng hộ nha!!!!
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plz read  by Xxcookie_killerxX
plz read by Xxcookie_killerxX
if u me fan plz read (I have no le fans)
Recess by Kittybugkatt
Recessby Kittybugkatt
Josephine (Jo) and her crush Kalvin (Kal) are stuck together in a room from her best friend Liv. They then get sucked into a tv show from the 90's. What will happen next?
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Dear Kyle [editing] by -ANGELKAY
Dear Kyle [editing]by love, katie
was it really the last goodbye?
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Życie Białorusi (+12) #2 by Bialorusia132321
Życie Białorusi (+12) #2by Oliwka Niemiec
Bla Bla Bla kurwa Bla -,-
Minecraft creeper by dabish4life
Minecraft creeperby D
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prince's private baby by Naomi_Saiko2
prince's private babyby Naomi_Saiko123
after sleeping with a strage man, she accidentally becomes pregnant and gives birt to a baby son,but she finds that exactly a pair of twins were born at that time.when s...
Light in the Darkness (Darkness Book 2) by lopno565
Light in the Darkness (Darkness lopno565
The second book to the darkness series. When Lucy is captured by the evil Zeref no one can save her. Because no one knows she is there... Except Natsu...
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Say you're just a friend.. by Cookie_unsowas
Say you're just a Cookie_unsowas
"Bitte sieh mir einfach in die Augen und sag mir , dass wir nur Freunde bleiben!", schluchtzte ich und versuchte zwanghaft die Tränen in meinen Augen zurück zu...
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Bla Bla Bla by Burdick478iu
Bla Bla Blaby Burdick478iu
Você fala que não, mas seus olhos dizem sim Você só não quer confessar pra mim Pra quê esse blá blá blá se você já sabe o fim? Não perde tempo, hoje eu tô afim Só de não...
RB's point in view by Iloveastrosanha
RB's point in viewby changbinluvr_69
This is RB's point in view from Log 8 houug Gvhubu
Akatsuki Comedy by K3ttyK3t
Akatsuki Comedyby Kitty
Yea, a story about the akatsuki. Not a serious one tho. So yes, they wouldn't actually do this or that. I'm just doing it for fun..
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