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Hit me, Cupid! by NicAthena
Hit me, Cupid!by a t h e n a
Cupid and Psyche. It's the oldest tale in the world. But what happens when Cupid falls victim to his own arrow for the second time around? And this time, it's with a mor...
  • eros
  • cupid
  • aphrodite
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Unsheltered Lost Boy TomTord by TordHighsmith
Unsheltered Lost Boy TomTordby Pinetree
cover not my art Tord doesn't have a home. He's lost. cold sad Alone ... so many things. Tom has a home great friends meals and happiness life's great but not always...
  • whywattpaddeletedmytagidk
  • bleblah
  • eddsworld
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Soldier by Skalem
Soldierby Skalem
Alice is a talented champion of archery and has just won a place in the nationals. But once her curiosity takes over when she stumbles over a glowing hole she is faced w...
  • information
  • magic
  • archery
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Bla Bla Bla by Burdick478iu
Bla Bla Blaby Burdick478iu
Você fala que não, mas seus olhos dizem sim Você só não quer confessar pra mim Pra quê esse blá blá blá se você já sabe o fim? Não perde tempo, hoje eu tô afim Só de não...
  • bla
Học viện sát thủ (Tuyển) by Sasara333
Học viện sát thủ (Tuyển)by Darksoul
Tui làm thử một truyện tự nghĩ và tuyển nhân vật, cũng có thể nói tui ăn cắp ý tường của 1 bn nào đó... xin lỗi bn rất nhiều, nhưng tui cũng muốn làm thử 1 fic truyện nê...
  • phepthuat
  • hocduong
  • bla
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PIECE OF SHIT by Neptunerx
PIECE OF SHITby Charlie brown
  • bla
  • blah
  • документальнаяпроза
Poseía by jolaag13
Poseíaby J. Lara
Poemas de todo tipo; como vienen salen, como salen se publican. Que vuelen los muy cabrones, que en el infierno de un cajón se marchitan todas las flores del edén.
  • vida
  • blanco
  • hoja
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Nơi mọi người thả trí tưởng tượng bay xa bla...bla..bla... by konohamarutomorie
Nơi mọi người thả trí tưởng tượ konohamarutomorie
ko co j to tát mong mọi ngi ủng hộ nha!!!!
  • inkxerror
  • ccinoxningtmare
  • pjxfresh
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Light in the Darkness (Darkness Book 2) by lopno565
Light in the Darkness (Darkness lopno565
The second book to the darkness series. When Lucy is captured by the evil Zeref no one can save her. Because no one knows she is there... Except Natsu...
  • sadness
  • zeref
  • fairytail
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Naruto vida diferente by Nerospard
Naruto vida diferenteby Dante Sparda
Después de el ataque del kyuby mis dijeron que yo era el kyuby bla bla bla mucha mierda saliendo se sus bocas decía un pelirubio bueno al menos solo tengo un arrogante h...
  • naruto
  • bla
  • fem
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this book is funny to some people but not all the time.this book might be pretty obvious what it's about but probably not(:
  • blo
  • blah
  • bla
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Book of randomness and tags  by Casey_Kin_129
Book of randomness and tags by || Casey ||
So I'm going to put all my tags and my randomness in this book so you could come here to chat with me.
  • bla
TỰ DO by ThinNinh0
TỰ DOby Jully666
Thì cái tên truyện chế để đây thôi,chế thay đổi nhanh lắm,,nay đây mai đó vậy thôi.<Và đừng thắc mắc về bứ hình kia,OK ?>
  • bla
  • đam
  • kinh
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Band stuff because I was bored by AtlantistheDireWolf
Band stuff because I was boredby ThedaughterofPoseidon
This is just going to be random ass things I find on my favourite bands and shit. Probably going to be weird, but eh, who gives a shit. I'm obviously not going to own li...
  • wtf
  • randomassthings
  • bla
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friends (bahasa melayu) by sofeaizham_
friends (bahasa melayu)by sofeaizham_
menceritakan 3 orang budak yang amat senyap di sekolah prima (main tibai jer.)bolehhh votes
  • teens
  • test
  • shor
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Dirty model 「Offenderman」•Libro 2猫• by Cat-San_
Dirty model 「Offenderman」•Libro 2猫•by 𝕸𝖆𝖑𝖆 𝖒𝖚𝖏𝖊𝖗
-Oh pequeña Dolly, dices ser virgen cuando tu mente es la más sucia del lugar. -Aún así, yo soy modelo, no prostituta, no voy a acostarme contigo. -¿Quieres apostar algo...
  • fanfic
  • cat-san
  • slenderman
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Eddsworld Fluff, Fanfic, etc. by https-sadgay
Eddsworld Fluff, Fanfic, «"уσυя gαу мσм"»
RULES: Mild sin is allowed, Respect others ships, Have fun! ~~~~~ REQUESTS ARE OPEN!! Includes EVERY (and I mean every) ship in Eddsworld. I'm sorry ;w; P.S: None of thi...
  • blabla
  • blablablabla
  • blablabla
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Living In My Twin Sisters Shadow by Genevieve-Aurora
Living In My Twin Sisters Shadowby Bubbles 😀
"Dylan" "Yes mum" "Could you move out of the way I want a picture of the birthday girl". "But its my birthday too" "Oh it is...
  • bla
  • words
Lemon Boys by Dawn_The_Mochi
Lemon Boysby Dawn_The_Mochi
(Working title) Two guys living in the kpop industry
  • jax
  • yg
  • bla
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