Chapter 14

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Chapter 14

Jazz's P.O.V

Running. Panting, my head an heart pounding in time.  

Yeah, I was trying to escape again. Third time lucky?  

I had knocked out the uh, look-a-like I didn't pay attention to his name ... I think it was Brad, or ... yeah it doesn't matter. After that I ran for my life. Well, actually I was fine casually walking around the building, which ruled, well it was about half an hour later an I'd gone up by two floors, yeah, there's a lot of floors, I don't wanna know the total.  

But on the fourth that I checked, he found me, it sped up my searching and fortunately the fifth floor was the one that had windows, I was happy to say, when I jumped out the window, there was a two metre drop, not to bad for random leap of faith.  

I scampered to my feet, a ran, no, bolted, for the forests that I saw, it was either that or I ran out in the open, chancing myself with being shot by a bullet, or sleeping darts, which actually missed me by a couple inches. Hitting a rabbit, which hurried the rest of the Bunny's noiselessly for cover in the burrows.  

I laughed slightly. Oh dear, that could have been me, that shut me up, sending my further into the trees in fear and panic. I'm gonna get so lost ... 

Wait, I already was in the first place. The few hours of running I went though, weren't exactly energy efficient. Well I did skip breakfast, that doesn't help either way.  

I pulled my hair out of it's ponytail, slowing to a power walk, and sighing as the sun poked trough the trees and shone over my face, the radiance feeling ecstatic, I felt so much lighter and stronger than I had. Maybe it was just the Walls, maybe I was just feeling claustrophobic, what ever that weak point of my life was, it was gone and gotten rid of.  

I jumped over a tree trunk and felt a shiver crawl through me, I shouldn't be here. I stepped back, stopping my strides, something is wrong, no, your probably just ... Hungry .  

Whatever, I'm getting through this forest. The crunching of leaves continued as I meandered through the plants and a snap of a twig echoed past my ears, leaving me frozen once more. Okay, now that is something to turn from, I tried to catch a scent, I actually should have done that earlier... Oh god I should ... The only thing I could pick up was werewolf, more werewolf, angry werewolf and ... My own sudden fear, yay, make them feel so much more powerful why don't you ? ... 

I low growl echoed by me, I looked to my left, right, the sky , nothing was visible, but only the scents and sounds. We were even as of now. I should climb a tree and hide, or should I?  

Picking up three wolves to my right I went left, avoiding stepping on something that would crunch or snap, in case I alerted them closer, never try and beg while a wolves in their wolf form, they just get cocky and get all protective. I only realised now that I was heading towards the pack house, aren't we like natural enemies an such? 

Whatever, I need directions. They can get them. 

I skirted the other groups who were looking for me and realised my scent had gone completely, and I was now untraceable, thank goodness.I found among the trees a three story building hidden behind and between the trees. Walking up to the front door, knocking four times and smiling my best at the alpha who looked positively horrified at me was then what seemed to occur. 

" can you possibly give me directions?"I smiled sweetly, shuffling slightly and twirling with my hands behind my back.His face twitched, some alpha, scared of little old me ? " I am in need of directions ?"   I tried again, using my hands to make slightly more sense.

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