Chapter 6

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Chapter 6

" I'm so, filled up" i said letting out a huge belch, which everyone looked at me for, " WHAT THE HECK ARE YOU LOOKING AT!" I yelled, halting at the people around who all went back to eating. I smiled, grabbing another plate of salmon for Jasper as it suddenly caught my eye. I was eating a tuna roll, yummy.... 

that's the best part, me and Jasper had stacked up the plates in front of us, I was still the one with the most plates though, Reece was catching up. Well I'm not paying... 

" ooh octopus!" Reece smirked, but I snatched it before he got to it, and started munching at one of the tentacles. WOOO I LOVE OCTOPUS. 

" hey!" 

" what? It's my favourite" 

" yeah, mine too bitch" 

" Don't use that language!" 

" yeah, he only knows how to eat at the moment he's not gonna repeat it"  

A sly smile crept onto Jaspers mouth. 

" I think he understands full well you idiot!" 

" bitch?" he whispered sweetly, looking up at me." 

" that's not my name" I grumbled, flinging a piece of octopus at Reece.  

" what even is your name... I've not been told yet" 

" I've been here four freaking weeks! You have been told actually!" 

" okay, so I'm a bad parent, sue me." 

" your also a perverted parent!" 

" neh neh neh!"  

" an immature dick" 

" what's that?" Jasper muttered. 

" yeah, don't use foul language!" 

" hypocrite" 

" ya love me though" 

" that's the problem"  


It's been two more weeks, and it's now Christmas eve, I'm so nice that I actually bought presents, all Reece is doing is chasing me around with his bloody branch of mistletoe, but, he's not getting nowhere with it. I was still looking after Jasper who somehow can talk pretty well, but he's just like a mini Reece at the moment much to my disgust, I keep scalding him for. The language he uses for a kitten. Is not appropriate, especially since he is a little trouble maker. 

I walked out my room, screaming I found Reece, of course at the top of the stairs, he smirked , oh this can not be good.  

" why hello, where are you off too?" 

" uh, find... Something" I stuttered edging past him down to steps, and then broke into a full sprint, heading into the living room, where Dan was watching football with Jasper by his side. " help me !" I yelped , leaping at the back of his head, pinning him to the floor. " PINNED ! And anyway, can you like get rid of that twig Reece is carrying around with him ?" 

" still not working yet?" 

" not yet, I just want it gone, I know it's stupid but I never ignore mistletoe. It's like a dare, you can't back out of those ! I won't I'm avoiding it instead." 

" what that mistletoe?" he said nodding behind me , I turned and saw Reece standing over me . 


" the door, why it seems some one got caught"  

" maybe, but, there's three people under here, what happens now? If I jump out ..." instead of moving Dan fastened his hands on my hips, 

" don't you dare, I'm not kissing him." 

" same here " 

" well someone has to move as it's me!" 

" nope, but I can't move, " Dan smirked.  

" well I'll sort this then" I smiled snatching the mistletoe and walking over to Jasper, and putting a gentle kiss on his cheeks and stomped on the branch. " sorted, now we shall have no more problems" 

" THATS OUT OF ORDER! I say you should give us all a kiss " he grinned. Waltzing over, and pulling me into his chest, I pushed on him, which didn't work to well. " come on." 

" only if you can tell me my name" 

His face went blank, idiot, he still hasn't found out I'm refusing to tell him and the others I won't let them unless he gets Jasper too. " ... You, you haven't even told me!" 

" you should know it, you adopted me you prick !"  

" well I'm a bad parent we've already gathered that," he rolled his eyes, leaning in again, so I head butted his jaw, and walked off.  

" when you know my name, you can have your kiss." I winked ... Which will actually take quite a short amount of time probably. . . He just needs to stop calling me annoying names. 


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