Chapter 26

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 Chapter 26

I rolled, or tried and opened my eyes to look around, what did I do now? 

I sharp jab hit my chest and I looked down, Jasper had crawled up too me, and was staring at me with a small smile flicking his lips into a somewhat sad look. " Jasper ?"

" You fall Jazzy, and bleed." he frowned, pointing at my head, which was pounding like no tomorrow, and it only intensified when I touched it, feeling a soft wrap of cloth around it. " I didn't know when you were gonna wake up."

" your an idiot " I couldn't help it, why would I not wake up? 

" AM NOT JAZZY!" He yelled, sitting on my stomach heavily, and my head echoed the sound.

" Please, don't shout, and your silly then."

" you are " he pouted, pointing an accusing finger in my direction.

" Is she awake?" I heard someone say by the door, which was blocked by Jasper, but that didn't matter because they thought it okay to go and start touching me, I could only guess that the hands swooshing up my face were either . . . No wait. Definitely my brother. . .

Demetri makes my skin feel weird  . . .

I still wasn't happy with this and punched him square in the nose, shuddering at the crunching noise from where it connected, I could feel My hand pulsing as well, except, I couldn't exactly feel my hand, and Jasper snatching my hand and slapping it stung more than it should do. 

" I have created another mess . . . " Demetri groaned, walking over and crouching down beside me on the floor by the sofa, poking my head. " sorry . . . "

" You should be, I'm glad I was knocked out! " I turned onto my side, poking him and noticing two casualties, my brother was unconscious, and Demetri, well, his eye was twice as swollen as I last saw it, unfair on so many levels, I can already tell who did it though. Which was funny since it meant that while my good hand can heal, so can his face, and when it's better . . . Then I'll mess them both up again! MWA HA HA !

I sat up, stretching my legs, and noticing something different. " Who the fuck decided to dress me !" 

Demetri shyly raised his arm, and smirked, " it was a nice view. . . " he muttered, backing away when I stalked closer towards his weak stance.

" Demetri, " I muttered shadowing his attempt at stepping away, pushing his back up against the wall and looking behind me. . . After all this, we still haven't packed up the Christmas decorations. . . The tree's still there.

Trying to act casual I glided across the floor, aiming my lunge at the snapped trunk and then charging back towards a now running away, I chased him up the stairs being careful this time, and he locked himself in . . . 'Our' room. I still don't agree with the fact that I can't have any privacy anymore, it kinda sucks, I mean, I'm female, we need to be able to hide.

So the tree was now being used as a battering ram, as was my foot, which was edging closer to battering Demetri.

Pausing, I sighed. Doors, you need them, so don't destroy them. I plucked the spare key out from my hair, and smiled. Anger makes things so much more complicated. Not helpful for trying to prevent destruction. WAIT! I NEED, to destroy Demetri it's what the angers there for.

I slowly opened the door and Demetri immediately reacted by running to the window, I was there quickly, hitting him across the back of the head, so he ducked and tried grabbing my tree. No way was I about to give my weapon up.

What stopped me eventually, was when he held one of my mountain dew bottles hostage. My arms threw the wooden useless thing away, rushing and jumping up to reach the bottle that was being held just out of reach. " Demmy, please! It's mine!"

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