Chapter 16 (P2)

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Can A Demon Die?

Chapter 16 

The court room was large, had a jury, and all the works, Demetri was twitching in his seat at the opposite side of the room when he saw me. I waved casually, seeing a shiver pass through his wings. He stood up and was pushed back down in his seat. I smiled at Eros, who nodded back at me. 

Steven was stood at my side, holding my shoulder. I must say, this is a lot more intense a situation than I expected, I was fine before I walked in. Now I want out, and I don't care how. So I looked back across the room. 

Demetri. My stomach soothed, he was safe. So it's okay. He's still as beautiful as ever, and in that sexy uniform... I was purring quietly to myself when Steven nudged me, nodding to the front of the room.

A person sat at a high desk, somewhat wearing a cloak of prise. Douche bag. They're grey eyes were sharply examining the court room, they're features were sharp too, but still beautiful. What is it with these dumb angels! 

Oh hey ! Wait a second... Judges have white curly wigs! They don't have one! The gabble reined silence in the room, I sneezed, gaining unwanted attention. My hand came over my face as I slid down in my seat. I heard  Steven chuckling under his breath, I kicked him and he scowled, flicking my in the ear. Hissing impatiently, I poked him above the hip and he made a giggling sound. He pinked and slapped me around the back of the head. I was only aware of people watching our little fight up until now. I wasn't going to loose if they were watching. I shoved him hard enough to knock him over and blushed when I was suddenly getting told off my the judge.

I smirked behind my hand. Yep, now I feel so comfortable, it's like I'm at home. 

Listening in on everything that was being said, I didn't understand half the things they were saying to me. Well, the whole rest of the room seemed too, I was just waiting for a final verdict. Shuddering, I turned my attention to the ceiling and smirked. 

Smashing through the ceiling could be an option right? Who said I had to be here in the courtroom anyway. My offence being that I've fallen in love with my mate. Is that seriously a crime? My hands shaking in my lap, I glared upon them, pair of scaredy cats.

Steven nudged me, spinning my glare on him, he scowled back and nodded towards the front of the room. I saw the judge looking at me expectantly. " What? I wasn't listening. "

Demetri snickered in the frustrated silence that hit me. Then a slap sounded from his side of the room. Chuckling in return, I saw the annoyance on his face. " You expect me to listen to your shit when your forcing a divorce upon me? Fuck you, I've been forced everywhere, and doing nearly everything. So don't give me a pissed off look when rightfully I should be the one who's pissed off." 

Steven inhaled sharply beside me, and people started murmuring, hm, I guess I did swear at the judge. I don't think your actually allowed to do that, besides, I'm not bothered, the worst they can do is kill me and leave it at that right?

I'm certain I have enough lives left, I have at least ... Four. Oh, that's quite useful. 

" I'm pretty sure you've all been through this situation already, you know what your going to do to us and blah blah blah... But if I'm going to be killed or something, like I suspect, can you at least as the slightest decency to not be a total twat. " 

That was a reasonable suggestion, but to be honest, I've been in hell, then two steps from it.  Heaven, that's an achievement for demons I'm sure of that. Even if this is on, unwanted terms, what can I say? It's fucked up and it's been cool I guess. 

Steven slapped me. Why does he keep being so grumpy? Oh that's right, he's Stevie, grumpy extraordinaire ! 

 " We have come to a fair conclusion. You can go back to earth and never come back. And you Demetri, you'll be sentenced to a millennium in the iron halls. Any objections."

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