Chapter 9 (P2)

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Can A Demon Die?


Chapter 9 

" KEEP IT AWAY!" I squealed and refrained from kicking Demetri. He had a baby in his arms after all, throughout my hate, it was enough of a worry watching him carry it. I was definitely not going near it.

" Come on! It's adorable !" He whined, pushing it closer. Having to back away, I found myself closed-in against it and a wall, I couldn't help it, I started crying. I am really not okay with children. " Jazz come on, it's a baby."

" I don't like them " I whimpered, pressing myself closer to the wall as he cradled the baby and kept flickering his gaze between us, not sure who to be watching. Especially since the child was constantly reaching to pull his hair. While I was unsure what to start saying. It was obvious he wanted to push a message across to me that I should give in and give him a child. No, I wouldn't he'd already put me through enough pain so far, I am not going through that. Sasha even said to me that it's extremely painful. Plus told me that Demetri would cuddle it to death. More reasons, to say no. Big reasons actually. 

" Jazz, she's a baby. She can't hurt you."

" I can hurt it though !" 

" She! Not It!" 

" It is an it!" 

" Jasmin don't insult your niece!"

" We're not married yet, that bag of poop and droll is of no relations to me at this moment"

" It will be"

" Ha! Even you called it an it ! Don't be a hypocrite!" 

" Take the baby!" he said, forcefully putting it in my arms and walking away. Panicking I didn't remember how I was supposed to hold it. Hold the head! Shifting it slightly, I scrunched my face up in disgust. Oh god why? I had to hum to myself to pretend I wasn't where I was.That I wasn't holding it. That became a problem when it tugged on my hair like he was trying to pull a dog that wouldn't walk. Correction, I am cat, get your animals right dumb baby!

I winced as it shrieked with happiness, killing my eardrums and then managed to grab hold of my ears. " OW OW OW! DEMETRI! " I noticed he'd left the room, maybe I could throw the baby out the window...

He appeared in the doorway, smiling at the thing that was torturing me. " She likes you!"

" I hate it! Take it back!" I whined, trying to pass him over, only achieving in making Demetri leave again. I followed him and found him and his sister in the kitchen. She smiled at me, tired eyes looking over the mug she was sipping. " Take the small thing" I said to the taller one of the pair, Demetri rolled his eyes, and I knew he was becoming aggravated by my behavior towards the child. I can't help if I'm freaking out and on the verge tears and or a heart attack.

He obliged anyway, cuddling up to the little baby, another bite of guilt hit me. This was extremely weird, having him wanting to have children. When in my mind, I was still sixteen because I'd not experienced those six years in person. I was still as old as I felt. Now looking at Sasha, who was scowling at me. No way did I want to look a wreck like that, I like being flamboyant and happy. Sparkly and carefree...

Carefree? I'm paranoid at everything! I could die any second, yet we'd been free of bother for about eight weeks now. It felt as if, we were being left? But that seemed a bit to far of a stretch of hope. Except no, nothing, I was beginning to wonder if they'd done something to me, like, I don't know, removed my body parts or something. I feel awkwardly empty. I felt like going to a doctors to check, yet wouldn't you find it weird if your patient walked in without, I don't know, a liver, or kidneys? They would freak out. So where would I go? I just want to know I haven't been messed with. Although something's changed. Everyone even said I smelt different, in a wrongly put way. 

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