Chapter 17 (P2) EPILOGUE

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Can A Demon Die? 

Chapter 17 

Epilogue  (( Sorry, it's short ! ))

Yet, if I had known the courtroom was the last time I'd see my beautiful angel. . . Well, I guess I couldn't really of changed that what happened. But I would have done something, kissed him, held him, cried more. Begged to be forgiven? I have no idea, but I'm going crazy thinking about it...

Is it still bad that after so many centuries that I'm stuck, in the same state I was, staring up at the skies? It's always the same pictures, stars, clouds, moon. Rain, storm, snow. 

Empty skies, empty.... Always empty. 

I want to see angels again, I wish everyday. I prey, I cry. No-one answers, it hurts. . . 

Me and Dan have stuck together,  always stargazing, waiting for a purpose again. It's not easylosing your mate, gathered that. 

But I guess seeing everyone else all happy is cute, Sasha's happy with her mate and baby, well she's not a baby no more. She's a grown woman, graceful and bloodthirsty like every vampire I know. Happy.

Jasper found a human, unfortunately, she didn't live forever, he still took care of her the entire time she was alive though. He just wonders now, likes to travel that cat does. Likes to get into everyone's business. Same old Jasper. 

Reece, well, him and Roxie, although she was human, he did something. She has an immortal gene or something I don't know. You can't separate them. It's sometimes sickening. They've got twins, only recently though. They're what, five, six? Yeah, that recent. 

I small smile appeared, well, someone's happy. I was happy... Wait, so in the end, this would have never happened if I'd never met him. You know what, it's like they say isn't it? 

It's better to have loved and lost, than to have never loved at all . . . 

I guess that in the end, it's not a story, it's my pathetic excuse of a life. No happy ending, how things just are. Never have I seen a time where good things happen to good people. I mean, I consider myself an okay person, but Demetri Hasn't . . . Oh, my beautiful assassin, I guess karma got us. 

Two words to that bitch.

Fuck you.

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