Chapter 9

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Chapter 9 

Angelica's P.O.V

Thank god for that, I for once don't have to interrogate someone, but I can kill our lil' traitor instead, how i'm loving this mission. Good bye Demetri .  

Dang it, the stupid bastard can't die. A grin grew upon my face, my pace increasing, along with my eager feelings, oh how torturing Demetri sha'll be a fun fun time. . . 

I scurried around the building, trying to find my sqaud, the lazy assholes better not be goofing off again, I'll kill those bastards if they even look bored. Shouldn't be doing nothing! They should be thinking of statistics like I said earlier !  

Growling at my empty training hall I slammed my fists against the useless punching bags which fell to the ground with one swift punch each, why do they keep hanging them up? There's no god dam point! I gripped my throwing knives in my balled up fists. 

" Angie?" came a gruff voice from behind me, an accent resembling my own .  

I sent the knife darting behind me, whistling towards the involuntary voice, who unfortunately knew me too well, and caught the dagger. 

" you need'a c'ntrol your temper, lil' miss, don't wanna knock your brothers head off do ya?" he grinned, throwing the knife so it dug into the floor in front of my green ballet flats. 

" y'ur lucky that di'nt touch ma shoe doug " dumb bastard would have had a bullet through his head, I shoved past, heading straight to my office, I'll find them the hard way, the tracking chips. 

" what're you doin' angie?"  

" doug, piss off, I'm trying to keep a job, kill someone and also find my Fuc-" 

" your crew are waiting by weapons hall for you, I was sent an hour ago to relay the message, you do keep yourself hidden you know." 

" I was with daddy, now if you don't mind, leave me the heck alone!" 

" sure thing." he winked, blending in with the crowd of workers who actually had a reputation and weren't moronic fools like him, who can't shoot a simple sniper. Pathetic right? Not even on call of duty. The fool.

I tugged my boots up, and strapped my ak-47 onto my back, and my pistols into my pockets, just in case he struggles and doesn't take to the darts. I had to apologise to my squad, and it burnt me, scarred my lungs, brain and heart, all of me, I hate it, I feel so weak. I shudder at the thought of having to do that ever again.  

Spreading my wings, glittering and gold in the sun, where only I can see them, and their golden beauty. I flipped my hair over my shoulder and flew off into the sky, blending in with the birds which are pretty much pathetically small. 

Urgh, they don't deserve wings! 

That doesn't matter, but this does. I still slip into a lot of questions, I wonder why that stupid cat was needed, I could have just killed her. Or could I? Would daddy really care? And there's no-one to even miss her anyway, those thick twits care nothing, but the problem I have is what Demetri is thinking spending time over there. Idiot isn't going to get any respect when he gets back or found. Look who's getting a brand new job though, sucker doesn't know how foolish he is now, oh your dead as a dodo now bitch.  

I swoop low, and landing down into the tree at the end of the garden, fading in with the leaves, I can't believe it took a week to actually put any action into anything, it was the slowest wait I've ever endured! Now, I can set the darts. My view locates a kitchen window, with a very distressed looking angel and a very small little neko, is that the bitch we picked up's kid or something ? What the heck, there's two... Three? I thought there's were only two people there other than her, and wait, I was told they were two fallen, there's four, I demand to be told the correct information, my debriefing is all fucking wrong!  

Argh, now he's out of range anyway.  

I could get a shot of the blue guy, but that would take a while, the little things much too hyper active. 

The only window with the curtains open are the one we had to snatch Missy from, the rest are blank and the rooms invisible. Which is a slight problem, and is a slight anger factor for me.  

I drop into the bushes, using them as a better cover, just as the back door creaks open, and the neko starts bolting away from ... There's the fourth, is that Reece? I can't tell with him covered in whip cream, and it's hard not to laugh. Even for me, since when does this stuff really happen?  

Now. Wait, I have a plan to put into action, I need to sort the problems. Just two little shots, and they both go down, my hands dart for my pistols, grabbing thin air instead, and dragging my pockets inside out.  

" looking for something?"  

Now, I tremble slightly, falling backwards from my crouch and knocking into something. Yeah, I couldn't have guessed any better, who else would even dare touch my weapons, yeah the prick that I wanted to shoot . And again, I couldn't say a thing .  

Trying further in not collapsing in defeat I Tried to find the knife I always held in my boot.  

" don't think I don't know where your knife is" he grinned, flipping it in his hand, oblivious to the fact that I don't have a plan anymore, even I know he's gonna kill me . . . I can't die can I? If no-one else can." and do t look to happy, I know how to dispose of your petty little heartless carcass when I'm done, "  

State of panic returned, so fleeing seemed the only option, which worked out as being slammed back down onto the hard dirt beneath me, and was tugged to my feet by my hair. 

" now tell me where she is, or I will go back and cause a complete mess of every single one of you assholes"  

" I would never tell anyone anythin', even if it meant death! You shou' know that." and it's true, I've never been in one of these situations though, but in my fear, there's still an excitement, how does it feel to die? 

Does your soul scream in protest when it leaves you, or is it only the victims terror when they've only just witnessed the first of the thousand pains in hell, while the truth of the matter is, why do some stay and wander for the whole eternity, which can seemingly be lonely unless souls can communicate

I was bound to find out my secound base in life. Since all the most powerfull pains disappered, and I don't think i'll ever wake up. 


Another unknowns P.O.V

I grit my teeth, and slam my fists against the Walls of the both, wooden and splintered by my anger, it looks like i've been wrestling with a tree at the amount of splinters in my hand. And my feet, there's no light, sound, or even smell, except this fresh, and somewhat cosy wooden whatever it is, some crazy torture box? I was fighting, then wait, I did not die, I'm alive, I'm in a fucking coffin, what the hell were they thinking?! I won't die from some tiny injuries, what the heck happened, it was a simple mission, locate attack and grab our hostage, but they think I'm dead. My fists pounded harder than ever against the wood, my knuckles bleeding more and more with each thrust forwards, I only ever had a fear of this, people who don't believe in there own captain, as I thought some would have the decency to actually do or say something, just something ! Lousy assholes, I better not be buried under one of those cement slabs, or I will kill somebody, human most probably, just so I don't ... Well destroy our whole camp that is supposedly temporary, yeah, my ass it's been there for twelve years!  

I broke through to the ground, mud around the new base I'd be stuff in a while.  

Why can't I at least have some form of bomb on me?  

This'll be a very long dig, but when I get out, that neko better be in custody, or I'll kill her, because if neither of those two things don't happen, my name sha'll not be Steven . 

And there will be hell. 


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