Seven Minutes in Heaven Avengers x reader by IAmIronManJr96
Seven Minutes in Heaven Avengers IAmIronManJr96
As much as you expected Tony to do something like this, it turned out that Clint offered this game first. I may update them and add on, so keep up with it.....and I may...
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2018 RAPPER IMAGINES by taykwifeyy
2018 RAPPER IMAGINESby taykwifeyy
Just a book of imagines with some of your favorite rappers comment people I should do????????
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highschool dxd: multiverse by Kurimuzonnoishino
highschool dxd: multiverseby kurimuzon
bienvenidos sean todos al rating game mas grande jamas creado donde se reunirán los mas grandes guerreros de todos los universos de highschool dxd descripción: una ext...
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Happy Halloween: Various Yandere Anything Horror X Any Reader Or OC by EPICNESSQUEEN21
Happy Halloween: Various Yandere EPICNESSQUEEN21
Hello my Sexy Ghouls and Goblins. This Year is the first Year of my Halloween Special. Yes it is not October first cause I was working on ideas for this a bit late. Thi...
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~♠My Little Dealer♠~ Kokichi Ouma x reader by abbyreese13
~♠My Little Dealer♠~ Kokichi ★Violet The Hedgehog★
♠ Kokichi and the others wake up to realize, nobody really died. Like Shuichi figured out, it was all just a game. Now the 16 teenagers need to face the world as al...
  • murder
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Yandere Male x Male Reader BOOK 5  by KitaSakamaki
Yandere Male x Male Reader BOOK 5 by Nikita
Same as book 1, 2, 3 and 4
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Una Vida Contigo~ [HateMare] by Zarane_YT
Una Vida Contigo~ [HateMare]by Nighty~
Un Chico que vivio alguna vez con su familia sufre de todo pero cuando conoce a su principe.....todo cambia de una mandera muy drastica...Para luego. Terminar haciendo...
  • drama
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baldi basics boyfriend scenarios by carolzita7
baldi basics boyfriend scenariosby ░▒▓█ ʏᴏᴜʀ ʙɪɢɢᴇsᴛ ɴɪɢʜᴛᴍᴀʀᴇ...
[⚠] just so you know, only baldi and the principal will appear in this one. and you are older in this fic. this is the very first time i make a fanfic..sorry if it's bad...
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Tù giam của các Sans!! :) by MinaSiber
Tù giam của các Sans!! :)by KT|Mina
Nơi các Sans bị bỏ tù :)) (*)Lưu ý: ảnh lụm!!! ko phải của mị!!! :)
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There is 4 girls called BLACKPINK they disguise theirselves to be nerds so no one will recognized them but in school and any other places they always get bullied because...
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Nct Boy x Boy by Christen_Session
Nct Boy x Boyby Christen
Please don't copy~
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Casanova's  Wife by LadyInBlue95
Casanova's Wifeby Konsehala
Song Jong Ki as Hanniel Curtis Song Hye Kyo as Hana Fernandez-Curtis Masarap ma-inlove lalo na sa taong gusto natin pero, mapaglaro ang tadahana kaya may pagkakataong ib...
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Yandere x Male Reader /character BOOK 6 by KitaSakamaki
Yandere x Male Reader /character Nikita
Same as other books
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Cast: all member EXO ot12, etc Genre: Action, hurt, comfort, friendship, comedy, brothership, etc Check prolog buat mengetahui lebih detail dari ff ini... Btw ini ff...
  • comedy
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Danganronpa Oneshots by PinkGirlified
Danganronpa Oneshotsby Ultimate Nugget
(Requests are temporarily closed!) Because why not? (I DO NOT OWN DANGANRONPA, IT'S CHARACTERS, AND THE PLOTS THAT GO ON IN THIS BOOK GUYS!)
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BTS BoyxBoy Smut by ibangtanhoe_lmao69
BTS BoyxBoy Smutby ibangtanhoe_lmao69
⚠⚠⚠⚠⚠⚠ Requests Open for All!!
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The better me (gruvia fanfic) {COMPLETED} by GruViaaaaaaaaa
The better me (gruvia fanfic) { GruViaaaaaaaaa
So we all know Juvia is deeply in love with her precious gray~Sama but what if one day he got enough of her and snapped at her. Will Juvia be the same... but does Gray...
  • trash
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T.D.I Reader insert by JJM112
T.D.I Reader insertby JM
Your Duncan's sister......You heard me right......Well your adopted but he's always treated you like family. One day while moping around the house the doorbell rings rev...
  • duncan
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  • reader
No boundaries in love ?❤️ by Kyragoodingreads
No boundaries in love ?❤️by Kyragoodingreads
Just read the story and you'll be happy ??
  • family
  • iamjustairi
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Free! x Male reader! by Jess_Bryan
Free! x Male reader!by Jess_Bryan
Screw it this a Free! book XD
  • yaoi
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