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Un nuevo amor y un nuevo comienzo (imagina con Suga)   by SofiaaElias
Un nuevo amor y un nuevo Sofía Milena Elías
Okey... Mi nombre es T/N soy latina de T/P (tu pais), tengo 20 años, soy una chica fría me gusta jugar con los sentimientos de los chicos soy como una bad Girl. Todo emp...
  • delodioalamor
  • badgirl
  • etc
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Book Of RANDOMNESS by XxKinharuxX
Book Of RANDOMNESSby °•~Kin~•°
Take the path and continue the journey, there you will see the unknown scenery. Enter at your own risk 🚪 well... Just kidding this is a book of anything, short stories...
  • manymore
  • poems
  • shortstories
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9,999 ~ A 10K FanFic by AllisonMilner
9,999 ~ A 10K FanFicby Allie
Fox Maple is your typical Teenage Badass! But when the world goes to shit will she open up? Three years into the Apocolypse she comes across a group transporting the cu...
  • apocolypse
  • mach
  • addy
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Seven Minutes in Heaven Avengers x reader by IAmIronManJr96
Seven Minutes in Heaven Avengers IAmIronManJr96
As much as you expected Tony to do something like this, it turned out that Clint offered this game first. I may update them and add on, so keep up with it.....and I may...
  • buckybarnes
  • samwilson
  • sevenminutesinheaven
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Un Semidiós Ninja O ?Un Ninja Semidiós? by AndreaPena5
Un Semidiós Ninja O ?Un Ninja Andrea Pena
Cuando Itachi serró los ojos viendo que su hermano menor estaba a salvo y feliz porque este lo perdono, el solo pudo esperar la paz del más allá... Lamentablemente cuand...
  • khr
  • etc
  • sallyjackson
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You won't bully me for long ~Nba youngboy  by Nfl_Brazy
You won't bully me for long ~Nba Nfl_Brazy
Read cause y'all know my stories be fye❤️❤️
  • nba
  • 3three
  • ben10
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My Art Book and Stuff o3o by XJulietPupcornX
My Art Book and Stuff o3oby XJulietPupcornX
I'm just gonna put what I draw in this and note this is all done by scratch and if it looks like an image you've seen please tell me cuz I will gladly look and if it is...
  • funfacts
  • cute
  • ponies
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bnha one shots !!  by bunshou
bnha one shots !! by nabi !
like my one piece version!!! i take requests my angels !! also is updated continuously!!
  • deku
  • ochacouraraka
  • mina
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BTS Roleplay~OPEN by siasiaisa
BTS Roleplay~OPENby -b t s b x t c h-
Who else wants to love out their biggest fantasies with these boys? Welp, as many others; here you go! There will be many of the following: Angst, Fluff, Mature, Etc. No...
  • suga
  • btsrp
  • jin
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Psychological by daphnie88
Psychologicalby Daphnie
Psychology is a study of of mind and behavior. It is an academic discipline and an applied science which seeks to understand individuals and group by establishing gener...
  • girls
  • bodymovement
  • life
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KPOP Imagines by mrssmoon
KPOP Imaginesby —월계관¹²⁷
Hero, It Smiley here!~ Imma start a imagine book so request here all you want! Just DM me the bias you want to be requested and any other details you want in the story...
  • knk
  • nct127
  • etc
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Attack on Titan Pictures by cupcakelover122
Attack on Titan Picturesby shattered_pieces
Attack On Titan pictures DISCLAIMER: I own NOTHING except the book all credit goes to the owners
  • etc
  • jean
  • ereri
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Casanova's  Wife by LadyInBlue95
Casanova's Wifeby HOPELESSS
Song Jong Ki as Hanniel Curtis Song Hye Kyo as Hana Fernandez-Curtis Masarap ma-inlove lalo na sa taong gusto natin pero, mapaglaro ang tadahana kaya may pagkakataong ib...
  • etc
  • fernandez
  • married
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❛❦❜My Cg!❛❦❜ Cg/L Picture/Scenario Book  by XDarkKawaiiGoddessX
❛❦❜My Cg!❛❦❜ Cg/L Picture/ ♥︎Just A Goddess♥︎
A book full of now CG/L scenarios and pictures. Rping is allowed and this shall be full of only Littles (I'm a little myself being a Daddy is hard ;-;) Highest Ranking i...
  • pictures
  • littles
  • rp
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Free! x Male reader! by Jess_Bryan
Free! x Male reader!by Jess_Bryan
Screw it this a Free! book XD
  • etc
  • nagisa
  • boyxboy
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Odell Beckham Imagines by the_casear
Odell Beckham Imaginesby the_casear
Freaky,sad,funny,etc NO REQUESTS
  • romantic
  • nfl
  • etc
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Sad thoughts I have by known15
Sad thoughts I haveby Galaxy
This is all the thoughts I want to say or I'm saying to myself so I am going to do it in this so I can let it out (not done)
  • letitout
  • etc
  • depression
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Everybody is Gay - Sanscest Oneshots [REQUEST CLOSED!!!] by Zanuud
Everybody is Gay - Sanscest Danuuz
Hoi peanuts, it's Mewu :3 Sorry for spelling mistakes I'm hungarian :P Pictures aren't mine. Contains: •○●○• I dunno, maybe rape, harassment, bad language, etc...•○●○• ...
  • scifell
  • errorberry
  • sanscest
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Smut Fluff & Other Stuff! by marveluser
Smut Fluff & Other Stuff!by Marvel User
A book filled with smuts, angst, fluff etc. about different fandoms, if you wish to request please either DM me your character from your fandom of choice and what is it...
  • tcc
  • itmovie
  • suicidesquad
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The better me (gruvia fanfic) {COMPLETED} by GruViaaaaaaaaa
The better me (gruvia fanfic) { GruViaaaaaaaaa
So we all know Juvia is deeply in love with her precious gray~Sama but what if one day he got enough of her and snapped at her. Will Juvia be the same... but does Gray...
  • hurt
  • changed
  • gruvia
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