Chapter 10 (P2)

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Can A Demon Die?


Chapter 10~

Mountain dew makes everything better, like the way it takes great, it's bottles bright and happy - not that I am, yet -, and how it makes me hyper enough to smash objects in my anger. 

Beginning to recognise what had been done, my room looked like a bomb hit it. Okay so I was dangerous like that, but I felt sorry for the bed that was in pieces and the window, which was smashed again. I even managed to disassemble my wardrobe, and snap my metal baseball bat in half. Smashing a mirror was an accident though, looks like the next seven years are going to suck badly. 

Well, Demetri is already as unresponsive as he'll ever be, actually, better not change that by jinxing it. I peered out my doorway, only slightly, I was constantly checking you see. Demetri was curled up on the window sill that I threw the bat out of a while ago. What worried me more was that he was holding his cape. Saying it was painful to see that was an utter understatement, it was eating me up inside. 

Doing things how someone like me usually would, I crept up behind him and forced my arms around his waist, he spun quickly, he looked shocked. Why would he? He's the one who decided to not talk to anyone. He was looking at me for once.

Having no other idea what to do or say, I could only really think to act, and pecked his nose, and you know what. Even that tiny smile that broke through, that made me feel so much better. 

Replacing his cape with me on his lap he rest his head against my shoulder. " I'm sorry . . . I was upset."

" I know, I guessed you'd do as much. "

" Yeah well I shouldn't have, at least you told me. But, I realised during my stupid 'moment' or so to speak. That I guess it's karma, I wasn't a very good person... Well, I was a terrible asshole. But still. You don't really need me to tell you that do you?" 

" Nope, knew it from the beginning!" I beamed, grabbing him in a loose headlock and ruffling up his hair. " But Demetri has always been good to me, minus the first meeting which, didn't go to plan I guess. Although I still love you. "

" good. At least I'm still lovable." he chuckled, low and kinda sounding forced. 

" Do you know..." I started to whisper " ... that I know ... that that laugh ... Is not real ."

He sighed, his breath breezing across my chest, it was distracting. " I''m still having a moment."

" Why? You always seem to have moments anyway."

" I can't stop thinking about the things I did now though. I did horrible things."

" Demetri, I already know that. People tell me this a  lot when I use you as a threatening device."

He chuckled loudly, throwing his head back, then smothering his laugh against me. " Is that your technique for staying alive? "

" Pretty much. Works well actually, I thank you for that."

" But Jazz. . . I killed children before. I know now that it's wrong but, at the time. . . " 

Jumping in to wipe his eyes, I pressed my finger against his lips. " I've gathered that you've killed a lot of people Demetri. That's the past. Okay, I've said this before. Your my puppet now. I am letting you have you roam, although there's an extent which you can go to before I have to make sure your calm. You get that don't you? So far, you've done a good job, and your okay in the head. I've not damaged your sanity quite enough it seems..." I jumped to the side when he poked me. 

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