Chapter 15

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Chapter 15

The moment was frozen, taken like a photograph, mesmerising and I was lost. There's something wrong here, oh my gosh, he has a gun, that is definitely wrong too. 

" are you Brad or Steven? I'm kinda mixed between if your the same or different" 

" what, you've seen Brad? " there was actual hope sparkling in his eyes. I guess that's Steven ... What the actual fuck ?! There are two of them? Twins?

" yeah..." 

" where ? Where is he?" 

" ... Somewhere ... That way" I frowned, pointing at the way I had come from earlier. He actually ran that way, completely forgetting about us. . .    

" okay, weird ... " 

" uh, yeah, just a bit." 

" should we go "  

" yeah, before he realises he's been a creep"  

" I agree " 


I brought my hand up and slapped him.  

Yeah yeah, he only took my cookie, but I've been taken for how long a week or two, and then I've only been here three hours and seven minutes? AND DEMETRI THINKS HE CAN JUST STEAL MY COOKIE. THE LAST COOKIE! 

" ow !" he whined, munching it aggressively and slowly, teasing me on purpose and as soon as he'd swallowed I shoved him up against the kitchen counter, he smirked. 

" if your angry your giving a bad impression of it. You seem turned on from my view" he smirked, pulling me closer than I already was . Which would give him the wrong impression wouldn't it?  

" you suck " 

" your the who's supposed to be doing that " he said, raising his eyebrows, in a way that said ' you should' so I slapped him again. " you realise I hardly feel pain when you slap me, it just turns me on even more ..." his face was beside mine, but nibbled on my ear after he'd finished his sentence, sensing shivers across me. 

" Demetri " it was meant to come out stern, It broke halfway between the one word, sounding as if to encourage him.  

Thank god Jasper came in... Getting the wrong idea as per usual. 

" STOP EATING JAZZY ! SHE'S NOT FOOD!" he yelled, kicking him I'm the shin, and he collapsed to the floor, I high fived the little monkey. Can't help it. 

" I wasn't eating her!!" 

" it freakin' looked like it" he huffed folding his arms, I copied, puffing out my cheeks like he had done. I'm glad he's using the words I gave him for replacing swearwords, sometimes when I'm not careful people start swearing quite a lot around here. I think it's bad for his up-bringing.  

" yeah Demmy, "  

" you enjoyed it " he smirked. 

" why Jazzy? he was eating you! " 

" uh, I w-wasn't " I hid my grin. 

" DEMMY!" jasper kicked him in the stomach, while I did a real life ROFL, collapsing against the draws while Jasper was having a little punching game or something. 

" dammit! Stop attacking me." 

" I thought you were a 'deadly' assassin" I giggled, playfully until he was on top of me . 

" I can be if you want me to "  

" DEMMY! " an he was knocked off of me.  

Thank you Jasper . 

He grunted, tearing Jasper away and chuckling. " your evil, " 

" your cannibal!" 

" actually, neither of us are human so I can't be labeled as that" 

" nya!" he then threw a strop , using Demetri as a punching back, which was funny until I heard his start ribs snap...  

" fucking hell!" he yelled, but still laughed among coughing up blood." that's gonna be a nightmare to heal now!" he was still laughing, I don't get it.  

Well I thought it nice to steer the manic little boxer out the kitchen, when I laughed at the little equation, Jasper beating the crap out of Demetri... Okay then. 

" this isn't funny, it's painful healing ruined lungs... And Broken hearts hurt, your making it worse" he pouted, clutching his chest, which was pretty topless all of a sudden, and yes, you can tell a neko has got at him, I could do so much worse though... I smirked at my poor poor Demetri. 

" just wait until I get my paws on you " I grinned, folding my arms . 

" oh I can't wait neither " he smirked, limping over waggling his eyebrows. 

" how can you still flirt so close to death?" 

" because I'm immortal, and you love me" 

" seriously, you can't confirm that" 

" what? You don't wuv me," 

" uh, no" okay, I'm lying....  

He frowned, and smirked, " prove it "  

" how on earth can you-" he came forwards, quicker than I thought he could, and silenced me, pressing his lips on my own, which moved slowly with my own, but I jumped back. Spitting. 

" your still bleeding you douche bag!" 

He chuckled, " nah, you love it really" 

" I'm not some freaky vampi-" I was cut of again by his kisses, okay, so his blood strangely tasted sweet, that's why I spat the stuff out! It isn't right! 

Normally it tastes coppery, not bad, but still, blood should only be like that if you have extremely high sugar levels. 

" I don't care, I love you anyway, doesn't matter what you think, I can happily say, that I am well and truly in love with you Jasmin, and you could never change my mind" he smiled, wiping a hand across my mouth, and smirking, " I think I stained your lips ..." he frowned, licking his thumbing and scrubbing at my face.  

I frowned, " your only putting on more blood like that you moron..." 

" oh, so I am..." he smirked, and tugged his shirt from the waist band of his jeans, making me notice once again the sexy body which he held, and once again he scrubbed at my face, I scowled, snatching the shirt back, and trying to put it over his head, which he protested against a lot. 

" put it on!" 

" I don't want to" 

" it's distracting!" 

He grinned when his head popped through the neck hole, " oh really, I'm just so hot huh?" 

" your just so big headed" 

" too big for you now am I ?" he smirked. 

" you know full well that's not what I meant!" 

" sure... Your in denial, just admit." 

" what?" 

" I'm a big boy and your just a little girl" 

" oh my god, why did I get stuck with you?" 

" because we are so perfect for one another!" he cheered, trying but failing at hugging me. Only crushing his own ribs and cursing as he let me go." I'm such a fucking idiot!" 

" that you are" I grinned, glad we finally agreed on something today...  


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