Chapter 7 (P2)

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Can A Demon Die? 


Chapter 7 ~  

With as much patience as I could manage all at once I was swinging my legs over the counter top and leaning as far forwards as I can without falling with the help of the black blade I had of course. It was like building a bridge that led to nowhere. I was half way through reaching the other counter when the door opened. Demetri was staring at me quizzically. " Don't even ask ." I muttered, pushing myself up so that I was standing tall above him of the islands counter top, he was stood there, somewhat happy with himself while I was getting bored once again. 

" I wont, but then again, we need to have a very long talk."

" about what?" 

" that," he nodded to weapon my side, hello vicious weapon I have stolen from Satan. How are you today? 

" so  . . . Good news?"

" no"

" fuck I knew it "

" I'm sure you did."

" does that mean i'm intelligent?"

" No, definitely not "

-  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -   -    -     -      -       -         -         -          -           -            -             -              -               - 

" SO. You guys is telling me, that I'm now sort of like, the ruler of the underworld?"

" Well yeah." Reece shrugged, taking another circuit around the room, he kept walking around the room in circles, I was kinda dizzy from watching when he was giving me a huge lecture on the history and myths and truths. SO, I didn't take a whole lot it but since I took it it's mine and it's kinda like owning the crown to the throne in any other country or something. 

" So, I win?"

" Depends how you see it."

" How do I see it?"

" Your sort of like female Satan which means your have a job too."

" What? HA! I am not working."

" well, your gonna have to, and the only other person who can help you with that is Risk... Since he's dead he can't. I didn't even know he could die. He might turn up in a couple days don't worry."

" But the blade takes souls when it cuts you. It might have cut him. "

" Well it didn't cut you so we're good."

" it did, multiple times."

He stopped ." it what now?" I nodded and he reached for the door. " excuse me while I panic and have a small conversation with my sidekick. The door slammed closed.


----- ----- ----- ---- --- -- - -- --- ---- ----- ----- ----- ----- ---- --- -- - -- --- ---- ----- ----- ----- ---- --- -- - -- --- ---- -----

Outside the room an argument had started, I didn't know what it was about so I just sat quite lonely. Jasper jumped through the door closing it behind him. " You might want to jump out the window and not come back. " Jasper said, straining to hold the door.

" what do you mean?"

" They don't know whether they want to kill you or not."

" what!"

" They said something about you being something called a soulless I don't know what that is!"

" Did they say anything else?"

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