Can it be? (Noah Puckerman Love Story) by Noahpuckermanlover_
Can it be? (Noah Puckerman Love Noahpuckermanlover_
Kaylee Caroline Hudson, the twin sister of Finn Hudson, they have a lot in common except hair colour. Read the story to know more. Its a Noah Puckerman love story.
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Adore You || Klaus Mikaelson by sweetlanguor
Adore You || Klaus Mikaelsonby sweetlanguor
Over the course of a summer well spent in New Orleans, Klaus becomes rather attached to a girl named Lydia. What happens when she gets caught up in Klaus' world of all t...
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  • vampire
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CREDENCE (TINN/CAN & PETE/KAO)  by Secretlyperv_ed
TIN/CAN "Y-..You trust me? Really?" Tinn eyes are widely staring at him. Wholeheartedly hoping he didn't misheard anything. A chuckles. And follow by a low k...
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You Can Make Me Smile by hollowstarfire
You Can Make Me Smileby hollowstarfire
Ummm ok a description there's nothing to describe though O-O other than you have an ability that tore apart your family... Ps (this is future me after starting the story...
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Supersonic « The Flash » [ON HOLD] by fandom-united
Supersonic « The Flash » [ON HOLD]by fandom-united
Cover photo: -wintersoldier Reagan Raymond, sister of the late Ronnie Raymond, has finally returned from Afghanistan. But when she comes back to the usually bright Centr...
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Fear Can Turn To Love by CarlySullivan9
Fear Can Turn To Loveby Carly Sullivan
Erik is lonely, very lonely. What happens when he finds a young seventeen year old, who is just as lonely as him. Fear can turn to love, right? [Modern] {Kidnap} I do n...
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A New Kind of Thug Love (Thugs can love sequel) by Misguided_Angel843
A New Kind of Thug Love (Thugs Mœšhã Mäçk
4 years after Toya's sacrifice and things have changed. Shad became the one thing she didn't want him to be, a dope boy. Malik was right there with him. Rashid was now k...
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Can You Hold Me » Samuel Wilkinson by brunafc00
Can You Hold Me » Samuel Wilkinsonby Bruna Carvalho
Amy é uma bela adolescente, mas que infelizmente tem um alma de artista e não sabe como lidar com o quotidiano nem com a morte do seu pai levando-a assim a uma ansiedade...
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Find Me, If You Can by TheUltimate1225
Find Me, If You Canby Jay
Celeste Walker never found her closure after being taken captive by her boyfriend's ex lover. Its looming scars do not fade as quickly as she wants and ultimately drives...
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Drunk Drivers ⇶ вιℓℓү нαяgяσvε x σc (#Wattys2018) by likefightmeplease
Drunk Drivers ⇶ вιℓℓү нαяgяσvε x σ hey hey pals
"You're shitfaced, and I'll be damned if I let a drunk driver kill me. They'll start saying it runs in the family" ╎ Mallory Manor wanted to just be alone and...
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Fireworks by CatomicSunrise
Fireworksby ♡ July 4th, 2018 ♡
Catherine Manigol met Daniel Akiyama when they were both in 7th grade. Their parents were close friends but they had never met before. In middle school they were close f...
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The Great Book of Laughs by TomBoy_GameKill
The Great Book of Laughsby Little Rose Bud
basically a book with images that will make you laugh your ass off XD
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Can you relate? by ArtemisSilver478
Can you relate?by Artemis Silver
My bullshit opinions/rants that no one asked for I believe in freedom of speech and a person's right to disagree Cuz we don't all agree on everything, let's not pretend...
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these beautiful thoughts by genevievewriteslove
these beautiful thoughtsby genevieve
my garden of thoughts blooms a little bit brighter every time a smile comes on your face
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Larry Stylinson Imagines by queenkellin
Larry Stylinson Imaginesby jess
random larry one-shots I feel like writing. requests are taken, just comment or message me.
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Veronica' nın Düşüşü by -Douleur-
Veronica' nın Düşüşüby - LIMERENCE-
"22.06.2018 " { Senin aksine iyi değilim. Değiliz.}
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OneShot X by Blumoon11122223333
OneShot Xby Blumoon11122223333
A massive crossover fic containing shit from....uhh...fuck...uhh....Yandere sim, SML, Oneshot, HL2, and others. im disabling comments because im not hearin any complaini...
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Challenges by Flame1thrower
Challengesby Jordanthepup
How well do you know me and that I exist
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Tác giả:Yên Bán Căn Thể loại:Ngôn Tình, Sủng Nguồn:Cung Quảng Hằng Trạng thái:Full Nguyên tác: Trù thần truy thê ký Nội dung: Hiện đại, ngọt văn, đô thị tình duyên, 1 vs...
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