Chapter 3 (P2)

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Can A Demon Die? 


Chapter 3 ~

As soon as my grumpy tantrum had finished, I began to realise what I let happen. I let Demetri run off to war, and it wasn't something to make my mood any better, I literally let him walk out the door without remembering. Now I can't do anything about it. 

My stomach felt like it was trying to tie itself in knots, jumping and getting on my nerves, nausea kept flitting through me all the seconds I thought back to it. Even as my mind registered that he'd already been through the whole situation before hand, it kept kicking my insides around and keeping me even more off balance than before. 

I'd left myself curled up on the sofa, staring at my lap, since I didn't want to look around me, I was upset and broken inside. Nothing could fill the empty void inside my body, it was like nothing I'd ever properly felt. Painful, sore, very uncomfortable, It's just, not like it should be.

Which is why I didn't sleep yesterday. Or why I don't like anyone in the house at all, Reece keeps cuddling me, I don't mind it, but my brain just complains that it isn't my soul mate comforting me. It keeps bringing up the fact that he isn't here and that he could get hurt and I wouldn't enjoy that. 

Not knowing where he is annoyed me too. I wanted to file a complaint, to slap him and to just hold him again.

Sasha hadn't been much help neither, she was driving me insane with questions, and saying that it would be okay and that he hardly ever lost any fight. The word 'hardly' bit into me sharply, dragging my worry further skyward, my eyes stared up at the ceiling.

I had five other angels at my disposal, and Steven I could trust. He will take me there, and I am going to force him to at least tell me where whatever was going on was going on. 

He was asleep when I found him, so I kicked him , only having him stir in his sleep. I found an alternate place to kick, like, right between his legs kind of spot. His eyes burst open and he screamed like a little girl, insulting me with the squeaky tone he'd gathered from the pain  guess.

" I need your help " I murmured, sitting onto his lap and sighing when he starting complaining.

" You just. You just kicked my precious!" He hissed, still breathing through gritted teeth, glaring at me.

" I'm sure Dan will sort that for you later." I grinned enjoying my own little torment on him, loving how this time he blushed. 

" At least we are not as noisy as you two are! " He grimaced, making me hide my own pink cheeks, I couldn't be that loud. . . " Why do you need my help?"

" Demetri's fighting and I don't like it, I don't know where he is neither, I need you to take me there so I can slap him. He didn't tell me! He just left! I only just remembered what his brother said and my stomach wont settle it feels empty . . . "

He rolled his eyes and slumped forwards. " You two mated didn't you?"

" What ? We did ? is that what you mean by . . . Oh. Yes, I guess but why's that-"

" You two are joined, which means that your feeling the mate bond stretch, it's supposed to make sure that you stay with your mate, you wouldn't need me to find him, you'd be drawn there by yourself. "

" Your a faster mode of transport, Please Stevie! " I snuggled up to him, trying to be sweet and kind, and love-able, which I am always but still.

" Fine "

" YAY!"


 So in all seriousness, I didn't expect that Steven would fly so quickly. I was hiding from the bite of the wind which when your not accustomed to flying at extremely fast speeds, hurt.

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