Chapter 17 :) :) :) :)

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Chapter 17

I again, was foggy to remember anything, but I seriously think that being knocked out so much is messing with my brain cells. I groaned, why do I bother with anything, I just end up taken away. why am I-  

Oh yeah, shadow spirit in the house, god the floors cold, and unwelcoming, I hate this. So not right... Why am I so terrible that I have to be kidnapped and have to be killed? Or preserved? I prefer to be preserved, although it sounds shit to be brutally honest.

It's not like I understand what this stuff is anyway, I squirmed about, ending up on my feet, and hissing at the floor. I looked up, and saw that I was in a cement box, and it was cramped empty, i was not alone.  

A girl was curled up in the corner furthest from the door, sleeping, in a ripped pair of jeans and a grey singlet. Looking pale and completely underweight, holy crap, there's no food here! Or she might be anorexic or something. she had blood red hair,straight and looked pretty, but nothing looked abnormal about her from my view.  

I'm gonna die! I can't live without mountain dew. I checked for any other beings in this room, nope, unless I have invisible roommates I think it's just us two... 

I looked over at the door, a steel tightly locked slab. I could smell two beings outside it, and it was seemingly sound proof... Because I can't hear anything .... 

My eyes did another mental sweep of the room, I'm so, bored. Already, wait, what happened to dem and everyone else, okay, I trust Jasper, but I have no idea what could have happened!  

And again i'm completely lost, probably running out of lives as a cat, I sighed, dropping down to the floor. Then noticing my change in clothing... Black jeans and a White singlet, and I have underwear.... Who dressed me? Oh Jesus I'm freaked out, and I want a pillow. 

I huffed, curling up into a ball, somehow startling my cellmate, who looked at me like I was a monster or something, do I look that bad? I at least thought I was somewhat pretty, but hey ho, better than dead. 

" can I just say that your not making anything better by staring at me " I grumbled, smirking behind my knees when she looked away. " do they feed you here, I think I might form a complaint ..."  

She giggled slightly, looking at me with a more assessing look and I was happy that I wasn't being knocked aside as evil for being locked up. " no, they do, I'm vampire, this happens when we don't get enough blood." aww awesome, she's got an Irish accent, I love those!  

" oh, why are you here?" 

" I'm . I just am" 

" can't be worse than me "  

" I'm a shadow spirit" 

My eyes went wide, I'm not the only one, I jumped up, fist pumping the air" I knew it!"  Kinda ." I'm not the only one!" 

" you are too!" 

" yes, " 

We ran at each other in a huge hug, and she pulled away" wait, your a neko? That's awesome!" 

" I don't understand what a shadow spirit is though, people just say I'm dangerous ..." 

" we are, we're more powerful than any angel or demon, we are children of Satan, left to roam the earth but it's rare anyone dares even have a child with satin, they due after giving birth, and then we get left in an orphanage, or care home, or whatever . And then we find out the hard way about what we are" she frowned, " how did you find out?"  

" about what?" 

" that you were a neko and shadow spirit" 

" I found out when I was playing a game, we were pretending to be animals, " I smiled slightly," it was fun until I actually did turn, must be animal instinct or something. But the first time I was kidnapped I found out about the shadow spirit stuff, what is so special about it?" 

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