ChApTeR 20

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Chapter 20 

" you heard me Jasmin!" she yelled, making me walk backwards in slight fear of her forever approaching profile.

" it's not like i did this on purpose!" i tried reasoning but it seems only to make it worse.

" then why did you do it? i know it was you since both me and Harry felt the power radiating off of you, how and why on earth would you do that?"

" I don't know how i did this! I never even knew you could! if its a problem, take us back then!"

" We dont know how either, so start thinking!"

" just calm down, where is everyone?"

" back where i've come from and I said I'd find you, but there's something not right, I mean, about here"

" what? like a disturbance in the atmosphere? or that insane laughter that's freaking me the hell out." I was not lying.

" yes, I know about that, but there's also a weird power coming from you, you look different. Somehow you've managed to bring us here and stopped the fighting because everyone's confused, that's not the only problem, it's something either near you, or just you that's unnatural. Demonic. So i'm thinking of leaving and your gonna stay and find out what it is. Unless that happens i'm gonna have to say that your evil. Well, you could be." 

" I honestly think, you two ladies have it all wrong, i'm no less evil than you two are," a chuckle echoed from behind me, which we both looked towards, and when I say our jaws almost hit the floor, i'm not kidding. A tall and, eh-hem, shirtless dude came walking forwards, heh heh, sorry Demetri but I'm sure this guy is hotter than you are. . . Wow talk about handsome, his hair was spiked about in black points, and you could also see that he had claws, mine were tiny compared to his. I frowned slightly, pulling Sasha closer.

" Sash, i know with our matching expressions, that your totally crushing on him too, but i thought we could only truly want to jump our soul mates?" she snapped out of her daze, looking at me in realisation as well, in a few seconds hesitation she whispered back. 

" i think he's the realm ruler, since he kinda would have the power to do that, that's my only explanation. But i think i trust you now, i think it smart to leave . . ."  well, that would have been the plan, if he didn't have us by the waist, and that was making walking away slightly harder than expected. . . 

" why would you leave so soon? You've only just arrived. In fact, why have you come?"

" accident, but, we should. Go." I was sure I could walk away, but no, I was stuck. Rooted to the spot in confusion, i stared down at my feet, with a startled gasp i looked back up. i know why i can't move at least. They'd sunk into the floor, which seemed, to have space beneath it, i could move my feet, i don't enjoy this.

" how could it be an accident? "

" i don't have any control over my powers, it's kinda my fault that we intruded, but. . . where's the exit?" i blushed slightly yeah this kinda was embarrassing. Where are we ?

" i don't get many visitors, but there is no exit nor was there ever an entrance. I've never had need of one, but if i'm so bad that you'd want to leave so quickly. . . " he sighed, leaning his head on my shoulder, i keep freaking out to much. not good for me i don't think.

" uh, your not bad it's just we're in the middle of a fight. .  . It really has to be finished, and then we could visit maybe?" Sasha shrugged sending me a desperate look and looking completely tiny, not that that made a difference but against the tallest person going, hm, yep, he's taller than Demetri is. . .

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