Chapter 14 (P2)

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Can A Demon Die?

Chapter 14

 As soon as night had hit I flew awkwardly back home, aware of the god trailing me. I wasn't sure yet if I should really lead him back to the house, despite the fact that what he told me could or could not be true. Therefore my final decision is made by the fact that either way, he was meant to kill me, if he still wants too, he should be quite capable of doing so. . . 

As much as I really want to say that this decision was careful and ended reasonably nicely, that never seems to happen. My father decided to turn up today and demand his scythe back, right outside the house. Then my new god friend lands behind me looking un-impressed by our fun companionship.

" Well isn't this a party?" I pipe up, the door made a soft click then flew open.

" Jasmin! Where have you- . . . Oh." Demetri went red, staring between us all and waving at the god. " Hi " 

I smirked, well well, someone's behaving. Looking behind, I saw the impressive angel sending his son a stern look. Then one too me. The situation, twisting to one that is uncomfortable, I walked over to the unwanted father of mine own, and smiled. He gave a small smile and mine increased, " was that genuine?" I whispered.

His eyes narrowed, but the smile was still faint. " I'm just happy to be having my scythe returned to me." 

" I could still refuse this deal."

" I haven't even shown you the trade item yet. "

" Oh do enlighten me. " Smiling, I saw him reach up his arm, a similar blade to the one I took materialised in sight. The blade, smaller, for my height, shiny and sharp. It was better though, the grip was gold and the end of the snath was what looked like the shape of a fish skeleton. The outer side of the blade had to spikes directly at the heel of the blade, being usable to stab too. I smiled. " one more test. " I stood back and slashed at my blade with his, he blocked it and frowned. " I'm testing it's strength." I rolled my eyes at him, stepping back further. " Do I have to give it too you..." 

Growling slightly, his hand grabbed at his, so I grabbed at mine. " Yes you do. " He pulled it away and winced, pushing me mine. I yelped and threw it between my hands.

" Hot! Ow! Why?!" 

" It's technically marking you as it's own but I see it as the other way around afterwards, since it can't go against you, it's an object. Thank you for co-operating. "

" Thank you too." 

" Well have fun, seems as if your busy with another meeting. . . Goodbye. " 

And he vanished, clapping my hands together I turned back to Demetri. Who snatched my new toy away from me, " Demetri NO! "

" I don't like you having dangerous objects!" 

Springing my claws out, I cupped his face. Watching him suddenly become red again. " I thought you liked my claws Demetri? " If I didn't tease him, then it wouldn't be right would it? Leaning in closer, I reached up his shirt, scratching lightly down his chest. He groaned and closed his eyes, holding a hand over my own against his face. 

" I love you and your claws Jasmin, I don't like this though..."

" It's just a really big claw Dummy. Come on, gimme it!" 

" No!"

My ear flattened and a growled echoed in my chest and throat. Purposefully digging them into his stomach a little, he gasped and I snatched my scythe away as his grip faltered. " Jasmin!"

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