Three Mates by Myth_Aphrodite
Three Matesby Myth_Aphrodite
Angels- exactly how they sound angelic, light, and beautiful. Werewolves- possessive, tempermental, and passionate. Vampires- cool, intelligent, calm and collected. Sup...
  • vampires
  • hybrids
  • mates
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Faith Heights by KiandraMoir
Faith Heightsby KiandraMoir
"He was a fallen angel, before being reclaimed and chosen as one of God's earthly warriors. There are very few left on this plane of existence- and he hasn't been s...
  • fantasy
  • romance
  • love
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Rooming With Royals ✔️ by Dark-Shadow
Rooming With Royals ✔️by Sally
Highest Rank #19 in Fantasy. Four guys , hot guys rooming with you. That's not all of it , they're princes. Supernatural princes. As if that wasn't enough , I grew to l...
  • werewolf
  • hate
  • witch
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Lucifer's obsession  by _malalala_
Lucifer's obsession by Malalala
I want y'all to know that this is (+18) with strong language and sexsssss and if y'all looking for kinky stuff than uhhhhhh... nice...? Mkay so here's a little sneak...
  • angels
  • possessive
  • deals
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The Boy With The Broken Wings | ✓ by bitteur
The Boy With The Broken Wings | ✓by isabelle
❝His love roared louder than her demons.❞ | ~ • ~ | Nessa Coleman wishes she was like any other 17-year-old girl out there. But unfortunately for her, not every 17-year...
  • hurt
  • feather
  • love
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His Midnight Angel by A_Broken_Queen
His Midnight Angelby A_Broken_Queen
In a pack of werewolves loyalty is everything. Alex has been deprived of that since her mother died 10 years ago and she is accused. Alex has lived in fear and abuse for...
  • angels
  • family
  • werewolves
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Saved~ Dean x Reader by fan-of-the-fandoms
Saved~ Dean x Readerby Multi fandom Trash
  • dean
  • castiel
  • crowley
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Nephilim (Book One in Angels, Gods & Demons series) by AllyLaly
Nephilim (Book One in Angels, JulieSummer
Highest ranking: #1 in Paranormal First book in Angels, Gods & Demons series ** All my life, I've been thinking about the same t...
  • humor
  • desire
  • lucifer
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•UNDER THE MASK• [j.j.k] by tasskook
•UNDER THE MASK• [j.j.k]by please stay alive 🥀
·My back hit the wall as he got closer till I could feel his breath on my lips. His wet hair was dripping on my white shirt making the fabric see-through. My breath got...
  • demons
  • adorable
  • jungkookfanfiction
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Loki's Angel (Loki Fan fic) by SoSand
Loki's Angel (Loki Fan fic)by Apollo Winters
Loki's angel has been watching him and protecting him since the day she woke up to become an angel. She hides her wings always, keeping down a secret while protecting Lo...
  • avengers
  • marvel
  • lokisangel
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Saving Heaven by therealKH
Saving Heavenby Therealkh
When heaven becomes a wreck and Lucifer is trying to bring his uprising early, heaven finds themselves in a conundrum. God is nowhere to be found and the angels have dec...
  • drama
  • teenfiction
  • princeofhell
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Demon Obsession by Starry_Galaxy20
Demon Obsessionby Starry_Galaxy20
He can hear her each breath He can see her every move He can sense her every emotion He can appear anywhere He craves her He wants her And He has her He resides in her a...
  • gods
  • fantasy
  • evil
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L.A. Devil ( lucifer fan fiction) by leaben0711
L.A. Devil ( lucifer fan fiction)by Lea Bennett
Angela blackstone is fairly new to the city of LA, at least that's what her cousin will tell you. Having very few friends living in her area, they take her out celebrate...
  • angels
  • satan
  • heaven
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Enamored | ✓ by AngeliqueToledo
Enamored | ✓by Angelique
[COMPLETE] He caressed my hair gently, his fingertips touching large chunks of silky strands, "I wanted to give you a chance to win and escape me. I couldn't wait a...
  • yourstrulyawards
  • devil
  • obsess
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Lightweight ° SAM WINCHESTER by smolderholders
Lightweight ° SAM WINCHESTERby fuck
❝i'm a lightweight, easy to fall, easy to break. with every move my whole world shakes. keep me from falling apart.❞ [sam winchester x callahan reyes] [supernatural; pre...
  • demons
  • callahanreyes
  • samwinchester
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Dani Willow (Supernatural Fanfiction) by Winchester_Huntress
Dani Willow (Supernatural Loki
Sixteen year old Dani Willow has tried to have a normal life but she developed wings as she grew older. She was abused because of them, and bullied because of her consta...
  • wolf
  • angels
  • samandriel
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The Last Moonstone **Slow Updates** by IvoryAndSam
The Last Moonstone **Slow Updates**by Ivory (❤💍R3M3DIUM💍❤)
Retry on the description** Sita is one of the lost members of The Moonstone Pack, a pack that was destroyed when she was a pup. She doesn't remember much of her childhoo...
  • moongoddess
  • werewolf
  • girlsschool
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Supernatural Imagines/Prefrences by DemonSam
Supernatural Imagines/Prefrencesby L⃟u⃟c⃟i⃟f⃟e⃟r⃟
Just some Preferences and Imagines. :) Enjoy. Just things I write when I'm bored.
  • sam
  • moose
  • fandom
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Her Demon | M.yg by thirstgguk
Her Demon | M.ygby 💫✨
[Completed] Y/N is a regular girl working at a coffee shop in Seoul, when she meets a peculiar boy who is asking for her help. She then finds out that there is more to h...
  • fanfiction
  • fiction
  • demons
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•Angelic• {alec Lightwood} by mar_the_unicorn
•Angelic• {alec Lightwood}by mar_the_unicorn
Aurora Darwin is best friends with Simon and her adoptive sister clary. Things are going well, Clary got into the Brooklyn academy for the arts and aurora is planning on...
  • lightwood
  • shadowhunters
  • aleclightwood
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