Chapter 10 !

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Chapter 10

Jazzy's P.O.V

I open my eyes, and close them again. This process is repeated for the few hours I've been lying here, lost and tied down to a hard wooden chair. Wondering how long the total adds up including my unconscious time.  

Stuck in my jeans and a t-shirt, while the chill from the air vents in the ceiling were slowly making my shivering worse, am I gonna freeze to death? Is that why I was ambushed during my facebook update, which is totally unfair.  

Wait I'm stuck in an empty cement room and all I can think about is finishing a facebook status, what the heck! I could die, after the many attempts that have already been ruined, and heck, am I just bait or something? oh, use the helpless one who's less experienced at everything! Uh, not going to go into my business... 

The lock on the door twisted, and my ropes were still intact, after my many attempts at destroying them too, wow, we are so similar . . .  

I only realised that i had distracted myself when I jumped at the sight of someone in front of me, oh and smiling, sick bastard, wow, perverted bastard too. I feel at home already, here's my replacement for Reece.

And also, a slightly handsome looking bastard at that. So yeah. . . This bastard would have been dropped kicked if he looked at me like that when I wasn't tied up. I don't care if I was wearing tight clothes, I'm freezing, and I want out. 

" and your going to stand there and stare perverted stranger?" where did that confidence come from? The dark look I was sent made me shudder again, and shake in my chair, man I shouldn't have been so blunt... 

" I was going to greet you in a more polite way, I don't think I have too now, do I?" 

" probably not, but when do I get to ask questions?" 

" you don't " he grunted. 

" that's a bit unfair " I muttered at the floor. He grabbed my chin snapping my head to look back up at him, a scoff coming across with the way he looked me over, more of an assessment I think personally, what the hell, am I not good enough bait for your god damn fishing trip?!

" you should know that life is unfair kitty, and especially unfair to you now don't you think? Your lucky to even be alive, since I almost decided to have you terminated from day one, your existence is an insult to everything." he chuckled insultingly, throwing my head to the side where it fell, dam, that hurt, what the fuck did I do that was so wrong ? " why it was agreed I don't know" 

" what's your problem ?" 

" you and your kind are" 

" well ... I didn't decide on this you know, it's just... Fate and such. What's so wrong about me that I can't just get a warning!" 

" sometimes I think we have the wrong person, you never acted like the other shadow spirits, " 

" huh? " seriously what is this crazy dude talking about? " I don't get this? Is this some crappy joke or am I just getting a telling off?" oh yeah, no questions. 

" believe it or not it's neither, and both those terms are a slight understatement to what I want to happen anyway, maybe the fact no-ones been honest to you is the problem. You were kept in the dark about your problem " well it was answered i suppose.  

" then can you tell me? Wait I'm not allowed questions, can I have two?" see this time I'll ask. 

" why two?" 

" that one was a question, I'd need the next one." 

He rolled his eyes." I would be explaining to you anyway, I need you to-" 

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