Yandere! Pisces (m) x Cancer (f) x Yandere! Scorpio (m): We Are Your Brothers

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[published May 26th 2017]


Yandere! Pisces (m) x Cancer (f) x Yandere! Scorpio (m): We Are Your Brothers (part 2)

Apparently, the chapter title was too long ^^"

Anyway, since you guys wanted a part two so badly... Here it is! >~<


"Pisces! Pisces!"

Pisces turned around happily, his teddy in his hands, to be greeted by Cancer. Pisces smiled at first, but his smile quickly faded once he saw the frightened look on Cancer's face. Cancer instantly buried herself into Pisces' chest, blinking away her tears.

"What's wrong, angel?" Pisces asked softly, worriedly looking down at Cancer. He pulled her away from his chest to examine her, to notice a red mark on Cancer's hand.

He brought Cancer's hand closer to examine it, seeing a bite mark in the palm of her hand. He figured someone must've bitten pretty hard, seeing blood was pouring out of the wound.

Pisces' whole face seemed to darken, along with the aura around him as he looked back up at Cancer. "Who did this?" Pisces' tone was much darker, and even though he meant well, Cancer was frightened.

"You always make such a big deal out of everything, brother."

Cancer instantly jumped and hid behind Pisces, recognizing the voice.

"What did you do this time?" Pisces asked his twin unamused. Scorpio had hurt Cancer several times before in the month she'd been there, so it was no surprise he had hurt her again.

"We were playing vampire! She was supposed to run away from me," Scorpio explained. "It's not my fault she wouldn't run!" Pisces turned around to face Cancer, tilting his head to the side cutely in confusion.

"Why didn't you run?"

"I-I didn't want to play...!" Cancer replied, holding onto her wound as a frightened look was still plastered to her face. Pisces turned his head to face Scorpio again.

"Scorpio, if sister doesn't want to play, then she doesn't want to play!" Pisces scolded, before grabbing a hold of Cancer's non-injured hand and leading her to the nearest bathroom, Scorpio following behind.

Pisces lifted Cancer up and sat her down on the counter, before examining Cancer's wound a little closer. A frown seemed to appear on Pisces' pale face.

"You didn't have to bite so hard!"

Pisces turned his head to glare at his brother, who only shrugged as a small smirk appeared on his face.

"No, but I wanted to," he replied smugly. Scorpio instantly let out an "ow!" after Pisces flicked his forehead with his finger. "You didn't have to flick my forehead..." Scorpio pouted, rubbing his forehead gently.

"No, but I wanted to."

Pisces looked over at Scorpio to send him a smug smirk, before tending to Cancer's wound.

"Now play nicely, brother," Pisces said as he finished up with his sister's bandages, putting away the medical supplies as Scorpio smirked.

"Can't make any promises~"


"What do we have here~?"

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