Truth Or Dare? #20

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Me: "This next dare is for Scorpio, Leo, Aries, Gemini and Sagittarius only. Can you guys come with me?" *walks into different room*

Aries, Gemini, Leo, Scorpio, Sagittarius: *follows me*

Me: "@DeniseSiah22 dares you guys to prank the other signs."

((Sigh. I bet everyone knows how horrible I'm at with pranks...))

-- after 5 minutes of planning --

Aries, Gemini, Leo, Sagittarius: *runs back to others*

Gemini: "Help! Scorpio summoned a demon and now it's here to haunt us forever!"

All the other signs: "WHAT?!"

Unknown: *makes ghost sounds* *is actually Scorpio in a grey blanket*

All the signs except for the prankers: *gasps*

Prankers: *holds in laughter*

Scorpio: *jumps out of random room in a grey blanket* "BOO!"

All the signs except for the prankers: *screams*

Prankers: *laughs*

Me: *watches emotionless* "@MCCC3604 dares Libra to not talk to Leo for the whole chapter and stay with Sagittarius instead."

Leo: (whispers) "Oh thank God..."

Libra: *pouts* *walks over to Sagi* *squeezes him/her*

Sagittarius: *whimpers*

Me: "@Zodiacs_forever dares Pisces to breakdance on the sidewalk."

Pisces: *sighs* "Fine..." *goes outside and breakdances on the sidewalk*

-- 2 minutes later --

Pisces: *comes back with 2 dollars*

Aries: "Damn, we should make a living out of breakdancing."

Me: "@amb_13 dares everyone to call Pisces Fishie for the whole chapter."

Pisces: *whimpers*

Me: "@DanceParadise21 dares all the signs to do dance solos." *groans* (mutters) "What the hell am I supposed to write...?"

Gemini: "Write? What do you mean 'write'?"

Virgo: "She's writing this in her book, dumbass." *rolls eyes*

Me: *gets idea* *snaps finger* "I know! I'll just tell everyone how good each of you were at dancing!"

-- after 10 painful minutes of watching awful dance moves --

Me: "The fire signs were terrible. Aries even ended up falling flat on his/her face."

Aries: "No I didn't! Your making things up!" *rubs sore face*

Me: "The water signs were born professional dancers. Scorpio was surprisingly good at breakdancing, believe it or not."

Aquarius: "Not."

Me: "The air signs were fine. Libra was born to be a ballerina, and Aqua would make a good hip hop dancer, but Gemini should probably stick to talking."

Gemini: "At least I wasn't as bad as the fire signs."

Me: "Then there's the earth signs. Virgo should definitely stick to books. Taurus seemed to have trouble moving, and Capricorn just looked drunk. But no one was as bad as the fire signs."

Leo: "Well I'm sorry for having to beautiful left feet!"

Me: "@Aqua_nae_nae12 dares Aquarius to confess to his/her crush and go out with him/her for at least a week."

Aquarius: *blushes* *clears throat awkwardly* "Do I have to?"

Everyone else: *nods*

Aquarius: "...Well... I guess that would be Aries..." *blushes deeper*

Me: "Well congratulations, you two are now a couple! Anyway, @Aqua_nae_nae12 dares Aqua to kiss Scorpio or Pi-- I mean Fishie."

Aquarius: "I definitely ain't touchin' Scorpio, so..." *kisses Fishie*

Fishie: *eyes widen ((every single time))* *blushed*

Aries and Scorpio: *is jealous* *scowls*

Me: "@shazzy_1D dared Aquarius to kiss Fishie in front of Scorpio for 1 minute."

Scorpio: *jaw drops*

Leo: "Wow... That's deep..."

Aquarius: *kisses Fishie in front of Scorpio*

Fishie: *blushes* *kisses back*

-- 1 minute later --

Scorpio: *eye twitches*

Aquarius and Fishie: *pulls away*

Me: *clears throat awkwardly* "Anyway, @Sarsters dares Taurus to break up with Cancer to confess his/her undying love for Fishie."

Taurus: *jaw drops*

Cancer: *looks down sadly*

Taurus: *turns to Cancer sadly* "Sorry, Cancer. I'm breaking up with you..." *walks over to Fishie* "Fishie, I love you." *blushes deeply* *walks back to Cancer*

Scorpio: *pulls Fishie closer*

Fishie: *blushes*

Me: "That was so sad... Anyway, remember to comment or PM me questions or dares for the signs. Bye!"

All the signs: "Bye!"

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