Truth Or Dare? #24

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Me: "@PrincessElisha9 asks Pisces, 'do you have a crush on Aqua-chan?'"

Pisces: *blushes deeply* "I-I did, but not anymore..."

Gemini: *rubs Aqua's back* "There, there... Getting friend-zoned hurts, doesn't it?" ((Aw...))

Me: "@lordoffish_1987 dares Aquarius to like Aries."

Libra: "There's no need, he/she already does!" *smirks*

Aquarius: *blushes* "Pfft, no!"

Me: "@lordoffish_1987 dares Aquarius to send 1000 angels to make Scorpio nice."

Aquarius: "Um, yeah, I might have a slight problem... I don't know how."

Everyone: *looks at Scorpio*

Scorpio: "Don't look at me! I only know how to summon demons and Satan! Plus, I already have an angel." *smiles at Pisces*

Almost everyone: "Awww!"

Me: "@Zodiacs_forever dares Gemini to sing a Mexican song with one of those Mexican hat thingies."

Gemini: *shrugs* "Fine." *grabs a Mexican hat thingie*

-- 3 minutes later --

Taurus: "That was...something..."

Libra: "Whoo! Encore!"

Gemini: "Thank you, thank you very much." *bows*

Me: "@TheGhost30 dares the earth signs to do the ice bucket challenge."

Capricorn: *glares at Taurus angrily* "You jinxed it, you idiot!"

Taurus: *laughs nervously* "Oops...?"

-- after 10 minutes of painful gasps and screaming --

Cancer: *rubs Taurus' back reassuringly*

Capricorn: *shares towel with Virgo*

Me: "@TileTor34 dares Scorpio to get with Cancer, and Taurus to get with Aquarius."

Cancer, Taurus, Pisces, Scorpio: *gasps*

Taurus: "I guess we're breaking up, huh..." *looks at Cancer sadly*

Cancer: *whimpers* *looks down sadly*

Scorpio: "I'm sorta engaged... I have to break up with my fiancé?!"

Pisces: *looks down sadly* "It's ok..."

Scorpio: *looks over at Pisces in slight disbelief* *looks down sadly*

Libra: "Aw... This is sad..."

Me: "Well, I don't have any more requests, so I'll just end it here. If I haven't done your truth/dare, please tell me, and feel free to comment or PM me questions or dares. Bye!"

All the signs: (sadly) "Bye..."

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