Taurus (f) x Cancer (m): Drunk

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OTP time~!

In honor of Taurus season, here's a one shot for all you Taurus' out there! Enjoy~!


"Can't we just leave?" Taurus looked over at her best friend pleadingly. The loud music and large amount of dancing drunk people surrounding her almost overwhelming her. Cancer sighed loudly, having heard this question around what felt like a hundred times.

"Taurus, we just got here!" Cancer exclaimed over the noise. "Why don't you try to have a little fun for once?" Cancer grabbed Taurus' wrist after hearing her groan loudly in reply, dragging her over to the bar. After grabbing a glass of alcohol, Cancer scooted the glass over to Taurus, who raised an eyebrow in response.

"Drink," he commanded, before smiling warmly. "You'll feel better."

"Not tomorrow when I wake up with a hangover..." Taurus muttered, grabbing a hold of the glass as Cancer let out a few of his cute giggles. Taurus raised the glass to her lips, looking over at Cancer one last time, who nodded reassuringly, before downing the glass as Cancer's smile only widened.

"I think you need another one!" Cancer giggled as he handed Taurus another glass.

That's when one glass turned into many more.


Cancer gripped his glass harder, to the point of it almost cracking as his hand trembled.

Why was he so angry? He wanted Taurus to have fun for once. He wanted her to drink, and flirt with boys. He wanted her to live the typical teenage life, so why was he angry?

A better word would be jealous.

There was just something about seeing his best friend dance with another guy that set him off.

He should be the one Taurus is dancing with. He should be the one to have her laughing while completely drunk as she had the time of her life. Then why was Taurus with another guy?

Cancer slammed his glass of water (he wanted to stay sober for Taurus' sake) onto the bar, the glass miraculously not breaking as he watched the mystery guy place a small note in the back pocket of Taurus' skinny jeans. Cancer quickly stood up, stomping over to Taurus and pulling her away.

"We're leaving," Cancer spat angrily as he dragged Taurus out of the party, who drunkly stumbled behind.

"Why~?" She whined drunkly in response, as Cancer only ignored her question.

Cancer cooled down somewhat once they were out on the street, loosening his grip on Taurus' wrist slightly as he walked beside her instead of in front. Taurus slurred different random sentences the whole time, before eventually grabbing a hold of Cancer's arm and hugging onto it, attaching herself to Cancer.

A light shade of pink covered Cancer's cheeks as he looked down at Taurus, noticing how she was shivering. It wasn't weird, considering she didn't have anything covering her arms. He gently pulled away from Taurus to pull off his jacket, before placing it on Taurus' shoulders, who squeezed onto it and cuddled back into Cancer's arm.

Cancer decided to help Taurus to bed once he came to her house, helping her inside, up the stairs and to her bedroom. Cancer helped Taurus take off his jacket he let her borrow, as Taurus started giggling drunkly.

"Wait, you haven't even *hiccup* taken me to dinner first~!"

A dark shade of red instantly covered Cancer's cheeks. "I-I'm not hitting on you!" Taurus just continued to giggle, grabbing a hold of Cancer's shirt and pulling him in for a hug. Cancer let out a sigh despite his major blush.

"Come on, Taurus. It's time for you to go to bed," Cancer explained as he tried to guide her to her bed as Taurus only held onto him tighter, burying her face into his chest.


Cancer let out another sigh. "Why not?"

"I wanted to *hiccup* tell someone something..." Taurus started. "I wanted to tell him *hiccup* how much I *hiccup* love him..."

Cancer's heart shattered.

It was that guy she was dancing with, wasn't it?! That stupid son of a--

Cancer took a deep breath to calm himself. He felt tears stinging in the corners of his eyes, and realized he was almost crying. He pulled himself together, and guided Taurus over to her bed, where he tucked her in.

Taurus was pretty much out cold within a few seconds. Cancer was about to stand up to leave, when he decided to leave a kiss on Taurus' forehead. He leaned in, and was about to give her a kiss when she pulled away sleepily, breaking his heart yet again.

"No..." She muttered, still in her drunken state before resting her head back on her pillow. "I love Cancer..."

Cancer felt a smile stretch across his face as he looked down at Taurus in slight disbelief, before leaning back down.

"I am Cancer," he pointed out with a quiet giggle. Taurus let out a small "oh", before Cancer placed a kiss on her forehead.

Cancer stood up straight and smiled down at Taurus' sleeping form, before remembering the note Taurus had received earlier that evening. Cancer moved the blanket enough to see her jeans as Taurus turned slightly, her back facing Cancer. Cancer quickly and gently pulled out the note before tucking Taurus back in.


Cancer closed the door to Taurus' bedroom and opened the folded up note, seeing it said:

"Call me, hot stuff: [insert random phone number]"

Cancer chuckled to himself before ripping the note to pieces.

Over my dead body.


Other than Pisces x Scorpio, this is definitely my OTP. I don't know why, it just is.

What's your OTP? Tell me~!

Anyway, any requests? Tell me that, too!

Until next time~!

- Kate♓️

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